226 you say?

It's a problem when i'm consistently having higher and higher random BG's it's NOT a single BG test..and I would LOVE to just fix it..trust me.

Ah, sorry I missed that!! I would be concerned at 226. Anything much over 150 I start to feel "slushy"

This is your diabetes. If your current doctor isn't giving you the care you believe you need then you have every right to seek another doctor that will care. There are tons of endocrinologists in Ottowa. Find one that you like and has good ratings, call them up (or walk in the door), tell them you have T1, that you were just diagnosed and not been given treatment and you believe your blood sugar may be going out of control and you fear for your life. All of this is basically true and all of these words are like magic and will help open the door to any doctor. In the end, only you can save yourself.

The problem with the link is that the best rated there are pediatric endo's at C.H.E.O. who cannot accept adult patients and endo's that are working out of the diabetes clinic at the Riverside Hospital that will only accept new patients with Dr. referral. Dr. Erin Keely is on that list with a 4.7. She is my son's endo at Riverside. Hadjinakis, Ahmet, Lawson, Goldbloom are all at C.H.E.O. My son had all four at one time or another with Dr. Lawson as his main endo. I don't know Koch, Ooi or Ward, but they each, only have one rating. I know Alicia is interested in insulin pump therapy which means she would have to be referred to an endo at the Riverside or Queensway Carleton Hospital for ADP to approve.

Alecia....I realize I sounded flippant. What I meant to convey is, a type I will, in my experience, have the occasional high BG. So many things, out of our control, can cause one. If it becomes a pattern, I try to fix it...more insulin, more exercise, less food, etc. But I've come to realize that I can't control my numbers perfectly. An example is stress. I went to a meeting once where I was very stressed. Even with a normal diet and dose, I left with a BG of over 400. It was emotion and adrenaline that did it. So, when I have an unexplained, and not habitual, high number, I note it but don't stress too much. I do worry very much if my A1c's are higher than normal...cause that indicates a problem with overall control. A doctor told me once that for a type I, control is like herding chickens. You can keep them in the right direction...but there are factors that affect control that will thwart the best work. I think that is true. Keep those A1c's as good as you can, and live a good life WHILE you work on them. And I'm sorry if I minimized your worries :(.

That is additional information is very helpful. My concern is that AliciaM has not even been granted medication, let alone insulin. Perhaps she could look at endo's on the list at Riverside or Queensway as you suggest.

Ratings are only as good as the people rated the Medical Staff ...I have never rated an Endo , GP , Dentist yet ...I have had thumbs down ones , I have had thumbs up ones !!! ...talking to others in the Ottawa Diabetes community is in my mind much more helpful ...for instance TU member Terrie living with diabetes over 50 years ,the Canadian Diabetes Association may have connections and please get serious about connecting with the ON Provincial Medical Association ??

I agree with Cheryl ...one likely will need a referral from a GP .

You are absolutely correct. And most people only rate a doctor if they had either a very good or very bad experience. But I have found that multiple bad ratings are a harbinger of problems. In hindsight, my previous endo, who I fired, had many bad ratings with comments that all turned out to be pretty on target. And thank you for reminding us about the referrals, here in the US I am fortunate to be able to self-refer and select my own providers.

Yes that's great and while I know that I need to see an endo to be able to get anything done with my D. The fact that every dr who says I'm "too young to be diabetic" or "Your bg's aren't THAT high so I'm not concerned" is the problem since THEY are the ones needed to give me the referral to said Endo. So, you see my dilemma ...looking at a list of endo's with good ratings is fine and great but I can't just walk in and refer myself and a lot of clinics and drs work with set hospitals in ottawa. So they will refer to certain doctors only. When I wanted a referral to my grandma and aunts OBGYN because apparently she was great...I tried to get a referral to her but couldn't because I apparently HAD to be seen by the referral from the hospital where I had surgery. Which ended up with me getting an OBGYN who, in my opinion, is a nutball. Can I do much about it? ...nope

I'm sorry, I don't really know the intricacies of your health care system. But the squeaky wheel gets the oil. And you have some ability to be that squeaky wheel, in fact you can be so squeaky your doctor drops everything to give you a referral. You can write a registered letter to the doctor, stating that you suspect you have autoimmune T1 and are being misdiagnosed and mistreated and that are very unhappy with your denial of a second opinion by a qualified specialist (an endocrinologist). You may also mention that you are aware of the process for filing a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Right up on top of the letter, make it clear that it is being copied to your "LAWYER." And then provide a phone number and fax so that the referral can be sent right away. You don't actually have to retain the lawyer, the mere mention of a lawyer will bring about immediate aciton.

This is a "scorched earth" solution that will immediately get you the referral. But your doctor may treat you as being radioactive after that. You also might consider contacting a local diabetes education center and enlisting their help. My understanding is that you can do a basic self-referral for some service and at least you could talk to the staff and perhaps find someone to advocate on your behalf.

Sometimes, you need to strongly advocate on your own behalf.

For diet and exercise only diabetic NOT,NOT on pills or insulin

if your blood sugar is over 200, I would check to see if you ate too many carbs, lack of exercise, stress, period coming ( for women), infection in your body(cut, wound, cold, flu)

Brian , Canadians don't use lawyers the same way Americans do ....just saying... and I am living here since 1963 .

I do agree , the poster has to be an advocate for her self ( as I have been since I was diagnosed in 1983 ) and follow suggestions supplied by mentors and coaches ....it's one's choice !

Agree about the lawyer. They are not the same here as they are in the U.S. with lawsuits everywhere and everyone being scared of the mere mention of lawyers ...

It is really hard to find a good doctor sometimes because you can't make a self-referral to specialists, only GPs can do that.

Has the OP tried going in with logs and notes about specifically what is concerning? Where did the T1 diagnosis come from? If it was from a previous doctor, maybe they could help. Doesn't make sense to me that a T1 wouldn't be on insulin or under the care of an endocrinologist!

It's not normal bg.. I was diagnosed at 279 and was in dka then also. I remember asking my doc if it could be something else and he said no, there was no doubt that it was diabetes. Just keep complaining loudly to this internist until he gives you a referral to an endo. Can you go to an endo and pay for it yourself? If they diagnose your diabetes your treatment will then have to be covered. You need to get proper treatment because at bg in 200's you will damage your body.

I stand corrected on the lawyer thing, but I bet the licensing authority still carries weight.

I sometimes look through my rose colored glasses thinking that the entire world is like the US. Sorry about that.

Not sure I'd characterize that as rose-colored, Brian. I think the U.S. proclivity to sue everybody and call lawyers at the drop of the hat is pretty strange.

totally agree on this

all factors thats have to be checked on for sure

I went in with my meter which logs all my readings as well as my last a1c and fBG and the (new) doctor asked ALL my history. Past surgeries, medical conditions, allergies, mom and dads history and family illnesses etc. It SEEMED promising until he said ALL my problems are SYMPTOMS of one thing he thinks and that it all boils down to digestion!

I find this getting a bit ridiculous. The doctor actually acknowledged that I have HIGH BG and then didn't do one friggin thing about it. I even tested there and was 12.1 (218) and he said yes that definitely is not normal. But I won't be giving you a referral to an endo until I see more bloodwork. So he ordered a battery of bloodwork a1c, fBG, TSH, creatinine, lipid assessment, b12, ferritin, CBC, prothrombin ime, as well as B-carotene, retinol, zinc, copper, EJR? (his hand writing is bad), h-CRP, IgA, AND an ECG.

It's not that I'm not advocating for myself. I have NO problem voicing my concerns and asking for what I think I NEED. It's that I'm apparently living in the twilight zone and the drs don't give one lick that my bg is high.

All good tests dear AliciaM ...Vit D 3 not mentioned ?? I am surprised , that Doc does not generate a computer generated order . I live in the Interior Health Region ( BC )and know for a fact that Jen's Region ( Vancouver area ) is far more advanced , yet both Hubby and I with different GP's don't need to worry about a " hand written order . Most of your tests should be available to you in 3 days. I am surprised , that you don't make a mention of having connected with the Ontario Medical Association ?? ...Brian suggested to file a complaint with the College of Phy.. and Surg...in BC .As you know Health is a Provincial issue and in your case Ontario would be your connection.