High Blood sugar and strange symptoms

I have had the normal high bg symptoms but I recently also had a strange feeling like my heart was racing. This happened the other night while in bed and I got up to check and my bg was 301. Is that something that normally occurs? It has since happend several times. Any thoughts on this?

I have an appointment on April the 19th@11:00 with an endo. My bg doen’t stay high all the time, it will come down in a couple of hours.

I tend to become short of breath and a racing heart when my bg is high. When I get it down, my breathing and heart rate also normalize. It didn`t used to be this way, but has been this way for the last couple of years.

My gp has done a fasting and it was 169. since my bg comes down he didn’t know what was going on and has set up this appointment with the endo.

After several bottles of water and several hours later I was o.k.

I guess because it does not stay high. And it will come down on it’s own. I have the most trouble after I eat. I also have some very normal fasting bg numbers in the 90’s. So I guess since it seems erratic they don’t want to diagnose me.

If I expected my doc to do a workup every time I had a high bg, I would never have a doc (PCP or Endo) bc this is just not a reasonable expectation. For a lot of Type 1s, we don’t have that perfect control. Especially a lot of us who have been diabetic a long time. If the bg goes up and stays up despite intervention on your part, then that is a situation to get to your doc. And believe it or not, after many years and many tests and many docs, I have learned that docs don’t always have the answer to why bg are not where they should be.
BTW- I have had the heart racing thing. Even wore a heart monitor for 24 hours to see what was going on. The answer I got was nothing out of the ordinary.

I was told that since it doen’t stay high it would be o.k to wait. I did find it odd but, I am not a doctor so I went with what the gp told me. I guess since I am not any immediate(sp) danger they felt it was o.k to wait.

It was kind of strange. I hope to get things figured out one way or the other. I hate always posting questions when I never contribute to any due to my lack of knowledge on this topic. But I appreciate eveyones input!

At the time of my post, I did not know she had not been diagnosed. And that does not alter my comment that you cannot call your doc everytime you have an extreme level. And it is still true that docs don’t always have the answers. If they did, diabetes treatment would be perfected and controlling it would be no problem. And people who are newly diagnosed, or undiagnosed, do have unexplained extreme levels.

Well Momto3 I don’t get a racing heart - I just get irritated at myself for having high blood sugars when there is no explanation (e.g. I didn’t eat alot of carbs, etc.). I’ve been fighting high blood sugars over the past few days - and tomorrow - am off to endo to figure out what is happening. I am actually scared since I tend to be in good control, but posted blog today, and some say I could have infection, but I know I’m under ALOT of stress in life right now. I just tested my blood sugar now - and I’m not happy with the result of … 15.9 mmol/l | 286. mg/dl . Ipicked up some Chemstrip uG/K sticks (you put them in your urine) - and my Glucose just now was - 1% and Ketones - +++ Deep Purple.

Have you tested your ketone level? The Chemstrips because I had no prescription cost me $10 CDN - but I think it’s well worth it.

BTW, I don’t know if you are on insulin (haven’t looked at your Page - but I’m on insulin - which right now doesn’t seem to be working like it should do.

Off to drink some more water - to flush out the ketones - and try to sleep. - bolus correct (MDI) - basal :frowning:
Anyway, if you can see your endo sooner I would do that. I’m just walking into my endo office tomorrow and hoping he’ll see me as I’m pretty worried - since I tend to be in the 4-8 mmol/l or 72-144 mg/dl range (the higher number is for when I spike after a meal - but I go back down which is normal for diabetics).

I am not on any type of meds. I have been trying to be mindful of what I eat and am drinking a lot of water.

Stress plays a HUGE roll in my levels. What has your doc shared with you about this? For years the advice I’ve gotten is to relax, do things to relax, try not to let things bother me, and not focus on the stress. Amazingly, I thought I was trying to do those things even before they were suggested. And somehow they don’t always work. Although I will admit I have “let go” of a lot of things that used to bother me. It just seems to me that “its stress” is the answer that seems to be given for diabetics when no one can figure out why levels are not normal, or have some unexplained result. Oh, I forgot the one piece of advice that never worked for me, which was “the more you stress, the more your levels go up. then you worry about your levels, and that creates more stress.” How often have those of you out there been told, “don’t focus on on bg reading?”

My gp has not said anything about this but a lot of physical conditions are exacerbated by stress so that is a possibility. I am happily married with three kiddos so there is some stress but no more than what is usual. I am tired of feeling like crap and want to figure things out.

I you are normal. My high and low symptoms are not always the same. If I am high, sometimes, my heart races and I feel like I have had caffeine recently. Once the bg gets down to a more reasonable range, then the jitteryness (is that a word?) goes away.

I take certain meds that raise my bg, so if I forget to take them in the morning, my bg drops during the night. If I take extra, then my bg is high. If I am stressed at work, I need more insulin all the time. Caffeine can also raise your bg, but not for hours after you consume it.

Is it all the time or only when you are over the two hour marker. I would love for a medical doctor to answer this question because some new members always get real freaked out when they are told they are causing damage “all the time”. I know we have to bring it down as soon as possible but I would like to know when exactly does the damage occur and do spikes which are controlled within the 2 hour marker still cause some type of damage.

according to the diabetes bible below


The University of Utah neurologists found that patients who were not known to be diabetic, but who registered 140/mg or higher on the 2-hour sample taken during a glucose tolerance test were much more likely to have a diabetic form of neuropathy than those who had lower blood sugars. Even more telling, the researchers found that the length of time a patient had experienced this nerve pain correlated with how high their blood sugar had risen over 140 mg/dl on the 2-hour glucose tolerance test reading

I can tell you my husband has the same thing going on. Its the bodys way of telling you something is not right or you might be having an anxiety attack induced by yur high bs. 1st thing is your care of yur highs. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, check for ketones and contact your doctor. My husband and son noth have endos as most family docs and evebn pediatricians are not on top of things since diabetes is not their forte. You should have a doc or endo that will allow you to fax in your numbers, usually a weeks worth. They will call you back and make changes. Unless you are ill, under stress or some other factor…youre sugar shouldnt be high if you keep on top of it. Are you on shots or pump?
Whatever you do, dont panic and please make sure to get a doc that will allow you to fax in #s…I have never heard of a fee for this and it is moreimmediate than making an appointment and waiting. So get a cable for that meter and upload yur #s…It will save you TONS of time, bgetter your health and save money and sanity :slight_smile:
Hope all works out for you.
Please do post on how things turn out.

I encourage you to get treatment. You are only hurting yourself and delaying the inevitable by not seeking treatment. Diabetes is, left untreated, a progressive disease. While drinking water is certainly good for you - it is not a treatment.

Please learn more so you can help yourself - http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/

The site that was suggested to you Momto3 is very good… please find the time to read it. There are other credible sites and books as well…
Although I have not experienced increased heart beat during high blood sugar…I tend to agree that you should seek immediate medical help/treatment the soonest time possible. 300 indeed is very high…you may not have it consistently…but it can still create some damages.There are instances too that we cannot not “feel” these highs …which makes it more dangerous for certain damages it can do to us.
By the way…do you have any other conditions? Like hypertension, high blood pressure or heart palpitations? Something that your doctor may also rule out when you seek medical assistance.
Drinking water…exercising…may help. But a more definite treatment is more recommended.
And, don’t hesitate asking questions here…that is why we are here as a community…we share experiences and suggestions… By your postings… we learn as well from others =)

Sometimes I have a racing heart with high BG, other times I don’t. Likewise, my symptoms with lows are variable. The most consistent high BG red flag for me is thirst.

Please feel free to ask whatever you like. We’re not born knowing answers to anything.

Good that you’ve got an endo appointment. I write down all questions & bring this with me. I also take notes during appointments because I can’t remember everything, no one can. Don’t hesitate to make your endo further explain anything you find unclear or confusing. It’s your health so ask anything & everything you can.

Along wih the others who have said this, it’s perplexing that your GP didn’t immediately send you to an endo & questioned whether you’re have diabetes. Your numbers clearly indicate that you have diabetes & treatment should have been forthcoming based on further tests to determine type & treatment.