43 inch Tandem metal infusion sets

This is a big huge ask for help here. I have always used 43 inch tubing with all the pumps I’ve used. I like the longer tube so I can use legs and arms and still have enough tubing for it to fit leg to bra of underneath all the clothes as needed. And I also love the longer tube for those times I get it caught on a knob. That extra length gives me time to stop before the infusion set gets pulled out.
Problem here is when Tandem went to their own cartridge and infusion sets, they did 43 inches in all the Teflon cannulas but not the metal one.
So I have emailed a few times and I got an answer back today. And they do not have any 43 inches except for some old ones in back stock until they run out. But those are at Tandem and my insurance will only pay through a different distributor. So his suggestion was to have people call or email and ask for 43 inch tubing to be made. He said they listen to what their clients are asking and saying and have changed or brought back items.
So here’s my big ask for help. All of those using Tandem, could you call and ask for more lengths especially in the metal sets. He said if there is enough call about them, they have to put it back into production. Hey and who know, you might find a different infusion set yourself here. Thanks everyone.
It was also kinda funny when I said, the pump trainers always talk about rotating different sites. And I said if you are telling us to do that, the tube needs to be long enough to do that!


@Sally7 count me in…I’ll call tomorrow.

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I’m not a Tandem user yet, but I hope to be soon, and I also like the metal sets with 110 cm tubing. This is definitely something I’ll ask about when Tandem is in Canada.

Thanks everyone for your help. And funny side note, I got my call back yesterday while at the hospital getting my husband set up in his room after a surgical procedure. And his nurse has type 1 and uses a Tandem. I take the call outside his room and than come in and ask for his help. And he like all of us with diabetes, said no problem. He said he doesn’t use metal infusion sets but that doesn’t mean that those who need them should have to make due. So, please keep calling. It is on my lists to do list every few days!

My cde just told me that the new tru steel insets only fit with the new cartridges so I’m going to have to buy contact detach insets until I run out of the old cartridges, I have quite a few cause I didn’t change the cartridge that often when I started on tslim. I use the 32” it’s not bad. Really hate the tube cause it’s getting caught on things etc and such a pain. I usually put it under my shirt and it’s constantly popping out. I don’t like it compressed cause my bg can go up. Anyone know where I can buy them withou rx or do I need an rx to buy out of pocket?i hope they bring back the 42”.