Only partly pink

I have always used the 43 inch tubing sets because I feel much less tethered and find it easier to get dressed, etc. But I always hated they were only available in grey. So this time I ordered 4 boxes of the 23 inch in pink. I was surprised to see the whole infusion set is pink, but then when I inserted it I was surprised again to see that only part of the piece that clicks in is pink and the actual round part is still surgical white! Boo! Yeah, silly, I know but we have to enjoy what we can!

That’s how I felt abou my blue ones. It made me wonder why they even bothered teasing me :frowning:

Glad to hear I'm not crazy! Now I have to work on not hating the 23 inch tubing for four boxes worth!

Depending on your supplier, you may be able to exchange unopened boxes of the 23" sets for the longer sets. Edgepark has let me exchange infusion sets more than once.

I think it’s so funny how some of us love long tubing and others love short tubing. I’ve always used 23" tubing and once ordered the longer tubing to give it a try. I absolutely hated it. I remember playing golf and having tubing coming out the bottom of my shorts. Another reason I like the shorter tubing is that if I drop my pump, the tubing stops it from hitting the floor. But I don’t use arm or leg sites with my pump and I know those sites might require longer tubing.

I think that most people just keep using whatever length they started with and believe it’s what’s best for them.

Thanks, Lathump; I just get my supplies from Animas so I might ask them about trading the 3 unopened boxes.

I actually started with the 23 inch ones and I felt so attached,it seems it was always pulling on me, so I tried the 43 and loved them. I can just put my pump down next to me when I get dressed. I just stuff the tubing into my waistband or wherever; I don't really care if it shows. But yep, it definitely is just personal preference. I forgot how much I liked the 43's and really don't know what I was thinking! I'm not even a pink person!