4th infusion set in a row to draw blood into tubing

I've been on a pump now for around 10 years and this has been a very rare once in a while kind of occurrence. I mean I can probably think of 2 or 3 other times this has ever happened, but I've now had 4 infusion insertions in a row to draw blood and wick it up into the tubing.

Could I possibly have a bad batch of sets?
I can't physically see anything wrong with the tubing, and it isn't particularly even painful. I'm on no extra meds or blood thinners.
No changes at all that I can think of.

3 in a row started ringing alarm bells, and I just happened to place my last set too close to my glucose meter, making it give me some wildly low readings, so I changed over really quick just now and sure enough, set number 4. Wicked up 6 inches or so into the tubing but then stopped.
The one before did not stop and continued to bleed after I removed the infusion set.

I'm kind of winging it here and continuing to use the site. They seem effective enough and insulin sensitivity seems normal.

Has anyone else ever had this go in spates like this?

Kind of considering contacting minimed. This is getting expensive.


Can you move to a totally new area? it sounds like there might be something going on beneath the skin if you are using the same general area. Four in a row does seem like a lot!

Well I rotate sites every time. It's never the same spot.

I would definitely contact Minimed. I haven't had this particular problem, but I have always found them to be very responsive.

Do you rotate areas? As in switch entirely away from your stomach for example, and go to your legs?

If so, and it is continuing, part of me is thinking it's not so much a set problem as a medical problem and perhaps to run it by your doctor.