Bleeding in infusion set: can pump users help?

hi all,
i just changed my pump, and i think when i pulled out the needle, i must have nicked something, and some blood seems to be caught in my infusion set where it goes into my stomach. is this a bad thing? should i change out for a new set? any thoughts appreciated!!!

It hasn’t happened to me before… but I’d say to go ahead and change it. Doesn’t cost much. Better safe than sorry.

That happens to me sometimes. In fact, I’ve never successfully done a site anywhere but the abdomen because anywhere else it just bleeds and bleeds. My pump educator said if you see blood it’s best to change the site. The blood can actually block the cannula eventually and cause a high.

thank you both so much. i am going to change the site now. i appreciate your help!

Hey Laura - Yeah, I would change the site. A few weeks ago, that happened to me. I tried a site a little lower on my belly and a little blood showed in the tube when I pulled out the needle. Well when I did my fixed prime, the blood pushed back into my body so I thought all is well.

Well three days later when I changed out my site, I had a huge bruise. So like you said, I must have hit something. The bruise is gone, but I will tell you I will not do that again.

: ) Take Care!

That has happened to me a few times. I call them gushers, because the blood just keeps on coming. It does not matter what site I am using (arms, legs, abdomen, rear). I was told by that it also may happen due to lower blood sugars – “your blood is not a thick as when your sugar is high”. Who knows? I do know that I am usually not prepared for so much blood.

That has happened to me a few times. I just ignore it for the most part. The fixed bolus pushes it back in and I don’t have any problems.

This just happened to me. I just noticed the little bit of blood on the set after trying everything (this set I actually put in this morning, after struggling with another set that seemed to have gone bad too).

I will be changing it now: let’s cross our fingers for a good set this time!!

Had it happen to my first set from the pump start on November 3rd. I noticed at a conference I attended the next day and changed it when I got home. It wasn’t bloody in the cannula but must have leaked out from the infusion site then stopped. It didn’t seem to affect my bs though. But better safe then sorry.

Yes. Definitely change it out. Two things can be happening, you hit a vessel, by chance, or, you are on the thinner side and may need a different infusion set. I have had those complications, as well. But, it is easily remedied.


Hmmm, I used to have this happen fairly regularly, but when I primed/ filled the cannula, the blood disappeared. If that happens, then it didn’t seem necessary to change it. If the cannula is somehow clogged by the blood, then it should certainly be changed, but my experience is that the blood just “goes back in” (I’m talking about less than a drop here).

I have had it happen too… does anyone get blood under the infusion set? I get a little bit of blood on the sticky area on my infusion sets… it hasn’t seemed to affect anything… i just thought it was weird…

Yeah, I have had this too. It never caused me any problems. I think just a little blood came out after inserting and dried there.

I get blood in my cannula but it is not visible through the infusionset so when I redo it blood is in the teflon cannula. I know because on the day of site change it looks like it is working based on my cgm numbers but when I bolus for lunch it will go high quickly sometimes. That is with eating the same thing each lunch time. Everyone on this site is saying that I should be having a low but it doesnt work that way with me. I am get stressed out every site change.