5 things diabetes has taught me

Life is a journey. When I got diagnosed last year with type 2, I consider it to be a little "bump’ in the road. Everyday we must learn something new. These are the things that having diabetes has taught me:

  1. Apprecation for life - Life is fragile. I understand that more now. Maybe when I was younger I thought i was superman and could do all things. I look at sunsets differently and appreciate everyday that God has given me. Don’t take anything for granted.

  2. Friendships are important - The support that you get from people around you is invaluable. Exspecially with people touched with diabetes this is especially important.

  3. Laugh a little - Life is serious enough. Diabete’s can be scary and daunting. Anytime you can find humor in a situation like that the better off you’ll be.

4)Diet and exercise - I have overlooked this aspect. Pre-diabetes. I have made changes to my lifestyle that I hope will better my coping with diabetes.

5)Positive Outlook - It’s easy to be down on yourself. It’s easy to blame others. It’s hard to stay positive in a world that wants to drag you down. Stress plays a huge factor in my BG levels. My focus now is now on the positive.

I knnow these things aren’t “earth shattering revelations”. None of this stuff is new but it is also very true. Just wanted to share.

D4life — Ken Wong

Life is definitely a journey, whose destination we cannot tell until we have shaken the bonds of mortality.

  • Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. We may not know that reason right away -- but when it smacks us in the face, it's an incredible rush.
  • Don't take what the doctors tell you blindly -- but weigh carefully the reliability of all sources of information before disregarding their advice wholesale.
  • Commitment to a healthy lifestyle trumps commitment to pharmaceuticals; nevertheless, sometimes pharmaceuticals are necessary to live.
  • (This I didn't learn from my diagnosis, but from seeing other diabetics earlier in life:) You can live with it, or you can die from it. FWIW, I'd rather live with it than die piece by painful piece.
  • From challenges spring opportunities. Take the time to learn about yourself, learn about D, learn about healthy eating.

Oh yeah: “coming out” of the “diabetes closet” is not always a Bad Thing… and my favorite piece of advice: "Not surviving is NOT an option :wink: "

Hold all of the “I Love You’s” very close in your heart. They give you strength to get through even the hardest of times.

Thanks for the positive post Ken. I know I need to remember #5 on days when my sugars are running high.

I really like your list! And you’re right, every day we can learn something new.

My list of things diabetes has taught me:

  1. Making small changes over a longer time is more effective than making big changes all at once. Huge changes to my routine/lifestyle just don’t stick. Small changes towards ultimate goals I’ve set are not hard to maintain.

  2. My body is diabetic. If I spend my time hating diabetes, I’m actually hating myself. So I think of my diabetes as a room-mate I have to live with, so I’m better off finding ways of getting along with the room mate instead of fighting over who left the toothpaste sculptures in the bathroom sink.

  3. Celebrate the good things and good people in your life. Everyday is a gift.

  4. Take time to cook and enjoy excellent food. Take the time to set the table. Enjoy it with people you love. We live in such a fast paced, fast food, fast everything world. Taking time to eat well is good for our bodies and our soul.

  5. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ve learned to build in things I really enjoy doing to my daily schedule. Instead of thinking, “I have to exercise”, I think, “I’m going to spend some time gardening! or golfing, or walking my dogs, or dancing, etc.”

Ken your list is good!

I agree with everything you said…

Diabetes taught me to let go and let GOD. I can only speak for myself but I try to have control in everything I do but with Diabetes it works some days and sometimes it doesn’t. I have learned to let go and let God. Everything happenes for a reason.

Diabetes has also taught me the importance of going to the Dr’s.

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

I dont know where I am…how do I start a discussion by the way??? I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes about 18 months ago, but my life up till the last few months, looking after my mother and handing my business over, has been so chaotic, I dont think I have looked after myself properly? I do eat more often, have realised the feeling I get when the sugars are really low, and if I cheat I get an infection!! … so I sort of regulate myself - as i dont feel I get much in the way of help from the clinic…and it is on a day I am very busy as well.

Dont quite know where to start with this group…can you help?

Thanks! Cathrynn x

HI Cathrynn,

I think you’ve taken a good first step in joining our little community. You can add to a discussion or start your own. If you look at the top of this page under the navigation to the right there is a “+” button with a start a discussion tab. Just jump right in. That’s how I started. I didn’t start very long ago. As far as the other things go. My best advice is to seek the help of a medical professional often. If you have pre-diabetes maybe a change is diet and exercise would be a good step. I test 2-3 times a day now. Looks like you’ve got a full plate on your hands with taking care of your mother and your business. I wish you the best of luck. Take care and God Bless!!!

Awesome analogy in #2!

Hmmm…five things I’ve learned from the big D…

  1. Most brands of chalk taste better than glucose tablets.

  2. If I keep leaving my insulin at home just to get out of work eventually my boss will catch on.

  3. Apple will probably never come out with the iPump :frowning:

  4. A lot of the girls on tudiabetes.com are really cute :slight_smile: It must be the age-defying insulin.

  5. It’s not OK to throw syringes at people when they ask stupid questions. It’s just not professional.


Check often people and Happy Sugars!

Nice post. I absolutely agree with you on finding and focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Life is short…laugh and love obviously.
Keep Going…Peace, Bob

Diabetes has taught me some interesting things as well. . . I must say that I come from an area that has a large estecate (native american) diabetic population.
Here are just a few things I have learned.

  1. Naming your glucometer does not mean you’re crazy, just unique.
  2. Sugar substitutues must also be used in roofing tar (can you taste that? ugh!)
  3. When you run out of tacks, a syringe can help.
  4. Immediately put the needle in the sharps bin, when you are done, because if you set it on the bed and forget it and set down, it reminds you quickly that you should have.
  5. Diabetes is just another piece of the pie (although it’s a low carb. “diabetic friendly” for me). You will live it, learn it, and earn it.

Be kind to yourself and leave some room for mistakes and boo boo’s it’ll come in handy.

All those and, most importantly for me -Forward planning!
As the adage goes: Prior planning prevents poor performnce’. I am probably a far better forward planner as a result of being a mother and having Diabetes than anything else…

Really my aunt is having Diabetes i completely agree with your 5 things my aunt is following some herbal treatment from a herbal site, her health is improving well i will tell her about these 5 things.