Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!

Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

I was reflecting in chat the other day about the little things I have learned over the past 40 years. This is not an exhaustive list or even a great list, just little things I have learned along the way that might be helpful to others, well or not,

10. Being diabetic can be fun, especially if you take pleasure in freaking people out in restaurants. I do love watching people freak out when I am in control. So pop the top on the syringe draw it proudly and inject with enthusiasm. Do it in a way that calls attention to yourself. If you are not getting enough attention scream when you insert it. For a great finish announce it is performance art and you were only using saline. Talk about a fun night on the old town.

9. Fireman can make your day. Those of us who take insulin usually have or will have the experience of waking up naked with 15 firemen standing around. Play it up. Say things like wow when I went to sleep there were only 5 men in my bedroom now look there are 15. I must be doing something right. The look on their face is priceless.

8. When you sweat a lot you may not really be hot. I know this seems counter intuitive but when you start to sweat like a fountain do not think I am hot, instead think low. Thinking I am just hot can lead to inappropriate disrobing. Yeah like at the zoo, not a good look for anyone.

7. Bananas can be instruments of total destruction. They are so appealing (yes pun intended) yet they can absolutely kill your blood sugar. Use them wisely like on 50K marathons.

6. Being low near a jar of peanut butter can be a bad thing. Enough said.

5. Wallowing in self-pity can be fun, well until it is not. Wow that is one heck of a statement. Wallowing in anything for a long time is probably a bad idea. Like in addition to self-pity, I suggest you stay out of the butterscotch candy isle of Walgreen, if you are in the mood for wallowing. Wow the manager there sure can get upset about little things.

4. Sugar free, isn’t. Frankly no one understands that the Christmas Fruit Cake soaked in Peach Schnapps and infused with sugar free jelly is not sugar free. Since no one except diabetics understand this when someone tells you a food is sugar free just assume it is not. In fact the more they say sugar free the less it likely is.

Oh if your mother in law says the peaches are sugar free and you see a peach can that says heavy syrup do not point it out. Trust me pointing it out is a bad thing all around.

3. TUDiabetes.org is the best diabetic social media site in existence. We have the best people, most fun and best bloggers, discussions and most fun.

2. If you tell a dietician you really like a food, then expect it will be on the never eat list of foods. Sure you think I will outwit that, I will tell the dietician I love tomatoes and surely tomatoes are ok, right? Well ahh sure in moderation. In the case of tomatoes as with watermelon, moderation does not mean what you currently eat. Turns out watermelon in moderation does not mean three large ones a day. Obviously my moderation and the hospital dietician’s moderation are not the same.

While on the subject of moderation tell someone no and wow that is all we can think of. Case in point, the 1972 Chevelle SS with a big block 440 engine, an awesome 8 track system and nitro pack installed for flat out off the line acceleration or Sheryl McCreary in first period Government class. Just knowing they even exist has held my attention for over 40 years.

1. Eating 17 pancakes is a bad idea. I know that may seem obvious but 17 is to many. Someone asked if 16 were ok? I can’t say that I just learned that 17 are too many. So the pancake limit for diabetics is somewhere between none and 17. I invite you to experiment and let us know the outcome. Bonus tip on this point? I doubt 16 is much better, but hey maybe, I mean it is possible, right?

So there is my 10 things I have learned list yours may vary.



Hmmm, that firefighter story sounds familiar to me. HAHAHAHAHA. Great blog Rick.


Hi Rick. I just bookmarked a new recipe. Basically, you make your regular pancake dough, then scoop it into a mini-muffin pan, bake at 425 degrees for 8 or 9 minutes. I'm going to try it, and I'll let you know whether or not 17 mini-muffin-pancakes is too many. Or maybe I'll just try 16.

number 11 being low and on an airplane = an early landing and a long explanation just eat before you get on the plane

at my regular pizza place i had to replace the battery in my older pump so i explained what & why i was doing so they should not think it's a bomb
& years ago when using syringe i went to the shoe department at macy's & did what i had to do
today with pump it's so much easier

1 Waffles – I bought my wife a waffle maker and they were delicous! BUT, similar to pancakes, you can’t eat 2 of them. I’ve managed to eat ¼ waffle with my egg and bacon instead of a slice of bread.
2 Beer – I like an occasional beer and most of the time it’s Mich Ultra – low carbs – there is a local brewery that gives samples and they always cause havoc with by BS – best to stay away from those .
3 Sugar-Free ANYTHING! – My sister always buys me Sugar-Free cookies that have more carbs than Chips Ahoy – If I’m gonna eat a cookie guess which ones I’m eating?
4 White flour, whether it be in pretzels or nacho chips, potato chips always cause increase in BS hours later – but I love them so much and no I can’t eat just one!
5 Fried Foods – my endo said to stay away – even the frozen french fries that are baked in the oven – again the fat causes increases later.
6 Ice Cream – even just a little, I’m best to stay away because of the fat
7 PIZZA – if I only have one slice I’ll be OK but who can only eat 1 slice of NY pizza?
8 Holidays – I don’t want to be a grinch but most holidays start out great but the morning after is always higher than normal.
9 Low Blood Sugar – before I started on my pump (2011) when I was down around 70 I’d be shaking and going for the OJ. Now, after my BS has lowered (A1C=6.1) I’m not noticing lows until they are in the 50’s.
10 The Unknown – eating other peoples’ food I’ve found that I’m best to minimize the amount if I don’t know how it was prepared. I don’t like prying into their exact ingredient list but most of the time i can taste the sweetness if it’s there.

10. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
9. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
8. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
7. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
6. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
5. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
4. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
3. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
2. Don't discuss Diabetes with family members, you'll get into a fight.
1. An ice cream diet works well to gain weight, not so well with your BG.

Oh Trudy! LOL
No.11 Don't discuss Diabetes with your friends, you'll get into a fight (thinking of sugar free fruit cake, the current version here is soak 1 kg dried fruit in a bottle of orange juice overnight, in the morning mix in flour and eggs and bake.
Just try convincing anyone this is NOT ok for diabetics as it is NOT sugar free!)

Pastelpainter, LOL!

Rick, this blog of yours is very funny. As for the way my name is spelled...

Ahh Trudy that is so funny. LOL That is better I hope. So Sorry


Irck, like so many of your blogs, I "liked" it.


Loved this Rick! I would like to add something from the female perspective regarding #8: when you sweat a lot and are nearly 60 years old, it is probably not a hot flash but a low!

hahahahaha Dee thanks for the great addition.


AHAHAHA!! Amusing and thought provoking blog Rick. Thanks! :D

Good list Stress(1/4 waffle? Wow!). #9. Be careful with the lows. As you know, you may be becoming Hypo Unaware. The same thing happened to me plus being a long term Diabetic didn't help any. #10. So true.

LOL Trudy! That's for sure. :)

The 440 was a Mopar engine. Chevy had a 454, a 427, or a 396. But the post was a great post!!!!

These are all great!!! Trudy, you are soooo right… If not a fight, you will get ur feelings hurt !

You made me laugh Rick. The comments are priceless.

Re #10, this recipe, Gerris Almond Flour Pancakes, is in the Recipe Exchange, and is quite good and low-carb (1 per pancake...maybe coconut flour would be a good substitute). I use the bulk ground almonds--a little crunchier, but much cheaper than the package and tastes the same, and skip the sweetener....after all, I put maple sugar on it (Walden Farms Sugar Free is quite good). Add some turkey sausage patties, and you've got a meal. Been a long time since I've eaten more than 10 pancakes, tho, but go for it.