5 Things Every Diabetic Should Knoww

I was sat here wondering about the things I should with out a doubt know about myself and diabetes. So heres my question, what are the top 5 things you think we should all know about the big D or how it affects us.

For example mine is…

  • Knowing my carb ratio
  • Where the spare meter is incase mine breaks
  • That I’ll be okay aslong as I take care of myself
  • Having plentyy of spare strips
  • Knowing what an apple, punit of bluberries and oranges will do to my sugars - I can safely say I can live on just those 3 things!

you should know

  1. how your medicine affects you
  2. where your stock pile of candy is… for lows
  3. where your meter is
  4. where your punching bag is
  5. where your job is, because your disease only pays for itself when you got money to buy test strips or medicine, but hopefully the result is some good numbers and a good doc (and maybe a fridge full of good food)

1 ) know blood pressure level…have a meter at home available.
2 ) have enough medical supplies on hand
3 ) have an A1C test regularly ( for me every 3 months )
4 ) wear my medical alert
5 ) willingness to learn more about diabetes.

  • knowing how to “eyeball” foods in terms of carbohydrates
  • know how stress affects my body (for me, stress makes my BS go up)
  • know how to ask for help
  • know how to handle ignorant people’s quetions. Think of it not as an opportunity to smack them upside the head, but as a moment to teach them something new about a disease that not many people have.
  • know how to plan ahead. When going on trips or even just to the store, be sure to pack the meter, insulin vials, syringes and any back up supplies because you never know what will happen and the last thing we need is a disaster, and impending death due to misjudged time constraints.

I just bought my medic alert necklace two weeks ago, after 11 years with T1. haha! It looks great and I really like it. I feel safe with it around my neck.

Dave those are some great ones, I’m on your wave length.

My additions:
Don’t be embarassed about your diabetes. The more the people around you know about “your” diabetes. The more helpful they will, and can be. It’s your choice on what to tell them. What to do if _______ happens? The more people that know that answer, the better I think. And not just for you.

PIzza isn’t worth it…But I still try. Atleast I know it’s not worth it. I used to think it was.

Yeah Dave - I’m the same with 'eyeballing" carbs - sometimes it’s a hit and miss when I’m at a restaurant. Can’t afford to eat out that often - so it doesn’t really happen often. :slight_smile:

One thing Becca - always carry something to cover any low blood sugars (like Dano’s bit about “stock pile of candies”). I have Dex4 tablets (not sure if you can get them in the UK - but there’s probably something just as good). I keep these in my glove compartment of my car, in my backpack, in my carry case on my motorcycle, on my sailboat, you name it - I’ve got them wedged somewhere fast to find. I DO NOT like having hypos - hate being out of control with my mind/body - as I’m sure many of us can attest to. Have less now being on the pump at least.