50 Year Joslin Award 9 year slate

Just wanted to let everybody know that I was just received the Joslin 50 Year Medal.

No major complications. fingers crossed.

I was actually eligible for it 9 years ago. Proof for me was easy as I had received the 25 Year medalso no proof was required.

I'm hoping for the 75 & 80 although I hope the time goes by slowly.


What is this award for?

CONGRATULATIONS, Andy!! There are several of us on TU. You did good, my friend!!!

Congratulations Andy! Quite the achievement.

The Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston (part of Harvard) gives a medal to insulin dependent (T1) folks who have managed to live for 50 years with the disease. Here is link

It was an amazing honor for me to receive it, and an affirmation of all the hard work, pain, suffering, worry we all go through every day.

Congratulations Andy ! That is an impressive feat. Not only did you get the "living courageously with D for 25 years" award but now 50 good for you !

Congrats Andy!!! Great work :)

Congrats, Andy! Are you going to participate in the Medalist Study? I am anxious to receive the 75 year medal in the year 2020. I am starting a new discussion today showing an interview of the head of that study, Dr. George King.

Thanks for the info :)

I am legitimately jealous! One of the first things I thought when I was diagnosed was, "Now I can get to work on getting one of those awards my T1 dad keeps going on about..."

Congrats Andy!
you did a great job, all of us do!

Congratulations but I have a hunch the next 25 years won't go by all that slowly unless making time sluggish is a complication that no one tells us about.

More Kudos Andy!

A wonderful achievement, and you have every right to be so very proud to have reached this milestone.


That's Wonderful that you finally received your 50 year medal Andy. Congratulations on surviving Diabetes for 59 years. That's a lot of years. I've only had Diabetes for 52 years, so I know some of the struggles and successes that you have been through. It's sweet that our efforts have been acknowledged. Good luck for a long future...and yes it will fly by. Hang on to something!! :)

Congrats, Andy. My award and medal hang proudly on my wall. Maybe yours will too!

May I suggest that, if you haven't, you consider attending the next Medalist get-together. There was one this past June (2013) so I think the next one will be in 2015. I went for the first time this year and was amazed to find that, at 55 years of T1, I was one of the younger ones in the group. Most were in the 60 year range, several at 70, and one at 83 yrs of T1! It was amazing to be with an inspiring group like this.

Good luck, and hope to see you at the next meeting.