504 plan in preschool?

My son is in preschool part time. I was told by someone to get a 504 in place. I always thought 504's were for public school (kindegarten-12th). I found some sample 504's on Children with Diabetes but I still am unsure about a preschool plan. Do you just type it up and have preschool and parents sign it?

Hi there! I'm not sure about preschools because they are not legally required. I wonder if the ADA site would have some insight on this. We didn't have an 504 for Caleb when he was in preschool, and I can't say exactly why that was. If your son's school is amenable to it, you mind find this guide a helpful resource. We have always prepared it based upon what is important to us, using the sample guides as a start, met with the appropriate personnel at school to review and revise if needed and then, yes, everyone signs.

Thank you! His preschool director is actually the person who suggested we get one in place.

Oh, well then perfect!

Talk with the people at the pre-school about it. I'd suggest taking the 504 format in and meeting with the staff there to see how they can assure your child's health and safety while in their school.
I would also talk to your public school about drawing up a 504 BEFORE your child ever enters kindergarten - like on the day you register him to go to school, so there is not one day when the staff is unaware of your son's medical needs.