Section 504 Plan for school-age children

I’m wondering if anyone has set up this plan with their child’s school? Our principal told me it was unnecessary and they would accommodate Noah no matter what. Well, at first everything worked out fine, and towards the middle of the year it seemed to me that any concerns I had regarding Noah and his performance in class were falling on deaf ears.

If you have a 504 plan, I’d love to hear whether it has “come to the rescue” , so to speak in regards to school issues that your children might face.

My school also insisted that I didn’t NEED a 504 plan, but I had them sign a very detailed Care Plan that pretty much included all I could think of (including only testing if numbers are within range, not using candy and gum as a rewards system, etc.). Granted, it was only Kindergarten, but I think this plan was general enought that I will reuse it again and again.
We got lucky and didn’t have to make the school live up to their end of the bargain. We even switched from shots to pump in the middle of the school year and I just made changes to the plan, had everyone sign again, and it was followed.
Now, with switching not only schools but moving to an entirely different state this Summer, things might end up totally different, so I would also love to hear from other parents on what to do if school doesn’t comply!

I can’t help, but know someone who may be able to. Her name is Sandra Miller and she has a blog entitled A Shot in the Dark.

She is in the process of fighting with a school system that says her son doesn’t need a 504. I know a few posts ago she had some links listed that might be useful. Or you could email her (you can find the address at her blog)

I hope this helps.

Thank you very much Penny! Off to check it out.

we our sending our 4 year old to preK this year, public school, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm (breakfast and lunch!!!). In our inital meeting they said we could do a 504 but need to wait until she is registered to get the ball rolling. so I’ve been working on the 504 and we’ll have to meet with them all in Aug. I have no idea how welcoming they will be to my ideas. I am interested to hear all about your 504s too. Honestly I am a nervous wreck thinking about school. But I know I need to do it. I’ll keep you posted next month on how it goes.