51 years ago today

51 years ago today, I was diagnosed as a Juvenile onset diabetic. My parents knew what it was, so they weren’t in the dark like a lot of people are. Unfortunately, they didn’t really care too much about me, so I had to do a lot of the care of this disease by myself. By the time I was 9, I was given total control of my diabetes by myself. I used NPH, which I still think is great insulin, I had no problems with it, and R, which I didn’t use until I was in my teens. I have no complications, which is only due to God’s grace because I really didn’t know what I was doing as a child.


Happy Diaversary! I’m so sorry to hear that you were left on your own to deal with the D monster at such a tender age; reading that broke my heart…

Congrats on a 51-year success story. It’s sad to me that you were thrown into the deep end of the diabetes pool at a young age. You responded well to the challenge and grew wise before your time. Good for you!

Congratulations, all the more so because you had to manage it at an age when most of us lack the discipline to brush our teeth without parental intervention.

And thanks for this:

After 20 years on R/NPH, the day I switched to basal-bolus MDI was like a release from prison, yet you are not the only one I’ve seen expressing a positive opinion of the stuff the very thought of which still makes me shudder. I think just about nothing else I’ve encountered around here reminds me as starkly how important it is to keep in mind the principle of YDMV!

Congratulations on your determination and your success. And kudos for the reminder that the “older” insulins still do what they are meant to do when used properly. I’ve been basal/bolus since the beginning, and I would be very unhappy if I had to do without R. It matches up almost perfectly with my LCHF meals; nothing else comes close.