670G & Enter BG: Give Me What IWant, But Don't Give It To Me Now

Any 670G & Guardian 3 user know that it gives Enter BG alerts more than we want. It also sometimes just asks again when you do enter one. One thing that I have been told is that you need to wait several hours before entering it, but waiting that long kicks you out of Auto Mode. Sometimes it says Wait To Enter BG when you just entered one when it just said Enter BG. I have had a number of cases where the only way I am able to get back into Auto Mode was to completely change my sensor/CGM, which is obviously very inefficient, not to mention very annoying. Does anybody have any suggestions on knowing when to actually bother doing the Enter BG or just ignoring it? Is there any way to tell (or help predict) when it will actually use the BG you enter? It seems to have become very rare that I actually do only 1 BG at a time, doing a BG seems to have become a task that is now done in pairs (or more). Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Not that I am aware of. I have started upping the wait when it first asks up to 30 minutes. When the 30 minutes comes I have little difficulty getting int o auto mode. I have used one for about 18 months and i have never had to take it off and insert a new one.

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Agreed with Rphil2… wait 30 mins and enter your BG. I only have issue with this on day one of a new sensor, the rest of the week its rare that this pops up. I calibrate 4 times a day, in the morning before leaving for work (5:45AM), at lunch, at dinner (usually around 6PM), and then again before going to bed. I stay in AUTO practically all week unless I drop out on my own to correct a high. Once a conventional bolus is delivered, I can usually get back into AUTO without need of another BG.

One thing I was doing wrong early on was when I’d see that “Enter BG” message was that I was calibrating each time. Don’t do that if you are. Just enter the BG and let the pump process it.

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