Medtronic 670G Gotcha!

When in Automode, the 670G does not use your insulin sensitivity to calculate correction insulin doses during bolusing for high blood sugar correction!!!

The pump does not warn you that it is not delivering sufficient insulin to correct for your high blood sugar either. It will give you a very small extra amount, but that’s it. You have to exit Automode, and use the Bolus Wizard to correct for a high blood sugar event.

I thought I would try to get the word out about this MAJOR Gotya for the 670G system.


I’ve heard of lots of complaints about auto-mode–thanks for adding to the list. :slight_smile:

I believe that’s related to the High setting (mine is 200) - I’ve seen this many times where I have a BG between 180 and 200 and with the Bolus Wizard under Auto mode, it calculates a zero bolus. I agree that the workaround appears to be exiting Auto and using the Bolus Wizard, then re-entering Auto.

I have noticed however that if I set the Max Basal higher than my highest basal setting (3.75), so 6 units, Auto mode does a good job of reducing my BG. This is related to a message I used to get where it would exit auto mode because it’s tried applying max basal for 4 hours and been unable to get the number where it’s supposed to be. It would typically do this in the night so I’d wake in the morning with some fixing to do.

The pump’s fixed BG target appears to be 120.


I can’t stand the auto mode, I don’t understand why it stops working when your high and keeps going when your low, it seems so backwards to me. I think the point is to make it more like a real pancreas and give more when the levels are up and stop when they are low. I am very frustrated with this new and improved 670G.

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Strange. Mine seems to work just fine. Sorry youre having problems!

Using the comments from the others having a hard time, can you tell us what you are doing different making your control good?

Well, it took a good 6 months to get my I:C ration and duration set. It is vastly different than any previous pumps I was on. That is probably part of it. Another thing…I see many saying their correction boluses arent what they should be. I went through a period of time when I would over correct, and override what the pump suggested. This, for me, resulted in alot of lows. I figured out when the pump figures a correction for a high, it takes into account the automatic basal corrections as well. Ive seen my basals go all the way up to about 6-7u PER HOUR. Once I learned to trust the pump, things leveled out for me. Sometimes we become a little too impatient when correcting highs, which leads to stacking insulin.

Or maybe Im just lucky? I dont know but it brought my A1C down to 6.4 which is perfectly fine for me.

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I’ve been in Auto Mode one week and I’ve already noticed this about the system. It seems like you all can exit when high- I just get bumped out! It certainly can handle lows MUCH better than highs. I can see now if I have some days of high resistance it would be better to work with them on my own. My pump trainer did say that it can take a month to learn your body. Is this true? I have ALREADY noticed an amazingly huge difference. I’m spiking so much less so I’m very pleased so far.