670G Sensors Medicare Coverage Success

I wrote to you all awhile back about our appeal for the Medtronic 670G Sensors and I would like you to know we received approval by Medicare via postal service today. Our private secondary insurance would not approve them. Though we went thru 2 appeals and a panel hearing.

I encourage you to appeal to Medicare also.


Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Hopefully any other member that is having the same difficulty can follow your example and solve the issue.

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You must be thrilled! I hope those sensors work well for you.

Not ideal Dave. But it is what we have for now.

I am glad we won our appeal. That means someone is paying attention.


What’s not ideal, Sally?

I keep hearing rumors that Medtronic Sensors will soon be covered by Medicare and others will escape the need to appeal. Although I have always preferred Dexcom to Medtronic, lots of people have been so happy with Medtronic before Medicare and it seems a crime to deny them the system that was working well. Plus Dexcom has given many seniors bad service and frustration with the inability to upgrade to G6 and I hope more competition will make them work harder.


I do not trust rumors so will always appeal and I highly suggest everyone do.

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I’d like to see a list of people who are happy, vs those who ditched the 670 automode, or switched pumps, due to the sensor issues. I don’t see a whole lot of love for the MM sensors when I read thru various sites.

I think only those who are HIGHLY motivated to get onto the MM sensors would bother to appeal, at this point.

Oh Sally I am so, so happy for you! That is indeed great news. I’m so glad you hung in there and didn’t give up. Way to go!!

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Almost everything I learn about Dexcom and Medicare, I learn through Facebook rumors. Dexcom never/rarely communicates with us on anything… And amazingly the rumors almost always end up being true. But in your situation you were definitely correct not to wait for Medtronic to get Medicare coverage.

Hi Laddie. I see. I guess rumors mean something different to me. I do rely on a lot of information that is shared on this forum.

I consider this forum to be reliable.

However, being a librarian by trade I always research for first person information to be absolutely sure.

Terrible about Dexcom and other companies not doing a good job to provide good customer service.

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My wife and I haven’t had bad service in the 2 years we have been using Dexcom. The worst I can say is that they have twice sent me double orders (Medicare orders, no less). They usually answer my calls in under a minute and a long time ago (over a year) there were times when it took over 20 minutes to get through. I wish people would have as good an experience with dexcom as we have.

I was responding to what Laddie said about Dexcom. I have also had problems with Medtronic. Deleted the other message. Just don’t want to deal with it.

Going thru a terrible time right now.

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Sorry there is no sad flag–I hit “like” to indicate I read your message.

What process did you have to go though to get this done? I’ve had no luck with either Medtronic or Medicare budging on this.
When it was time for my last refill, Medtronic called to confirm whether I’m on Medicare because of my age. The lady that called said if I’m on Medicare, they would not ship my sensors, period. Fortunately, I’m still insured through my employer but that about to end since my plan is to retire at the end of the year.

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Wow that’s great, so glad you checked back in! I was really expecting that to dead-end somewhere out in the bureaucratic desert. I’m amazed and impressed that you managed to push it through to a successful conclusion!

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Sally, I would also be interested in how you appealed to Medicare. Both my appeals to United HealthCare (United HealthCare Group Medicare Advantage.) were declined because “Medicare does not cover Guardian3 sensors.”

Hey Dave!
I am Sure you are aware that I am quite satisfied with the 670G system. It took a while, but I have figured out how to overcome its short comings. It requires often checking my numbers and taking proactive precautions before numbers spike too high.

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I am 1 of them. I much prefer the Dexcom G5 sensors coupled with the Tandem 2x Tslim pumps to the MM 670. Looking forward to switching to the G6 once my pump supply company (Solara) receives the G6. I did not have great success with the Automode on the 670.

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Ken did you get my message?