670G: When It's In A Mood For The Mode

Any 670G user that has been using Auto Mode for very long has received the Min Delivery message, and in many cases it is just because the pump got bored (your numbers were staying good without any microboluses, which is good, right?). It does, however, cause it to switch to Safe Mode and ask for a BG. I recently had a situation where I did my BG, bolus, & calibration before dinner, all good and it was happily in Auto Mode. I then went to an event (there was no food at the event), and before I got home I got the Min Delivery message along with Safe Mode & Enter BG. No problem, I’ll just do a BG when I get home. But very interestingly, when I got home, it had already gone back into Auto Mode and the Enter BG message was gone! This is definitely any 670G user’s dream come true (not that, to my knowledge, it’s happened again since then), but I am still wondering why it happened. Does it only do it under certain conditions? I recently had a Min Delivery, and not long afterwards I was just a tiny bit over 150 (good, but not perfect enough for the pump to do nothing). Was this over 150 enough for the pump to say “Well, you’ll have to do it for yourself this time”? Was I just lucky the one night when it switched back automatically? Has anybody else seen this happen?

Yes, I’ve seen this happen too. That said, I see the minimum delivery message so very infrequently, I’ve never been able to correlate why it goes away. I suspect its a swing in your BG though.