670G Auto Mode Min Delivery: Too Good To Be True?

I have had scenarios where my 670G would exit Auto Mode because of an Auto Mode Min Delivery, even though my numbers had been in the green for almost 3 hours (that’s good, right?). If I’m staying in the green, shouldn’t it be happy to keep doing what it’s doing, even if it is the Min Delivery?

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If it has been at minimum delivery for 2.5 hours, it will ask for a blood sugar to be entered. If you don’t do that, it will kick you out of automode. It is annoying, but it’s a safety feature

That doesn’t make sense. I was in the target range for the previous 3 hours, so why does it care whether I am at Min Delivery? If Min Delivery is keeping me in the target range, how is kicking me out of Auto Mode a safety feature?

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The logic is clear enough: zeroing out insulin delivery could be dangerous if it was occurring as a result of bad data, so they’ve programmed the thing to ask for a confirmation after a certain amount of time. It is annoying, I agree–just one of many ways it’s hard to program a machine to do all this stuff for you. In my case the annoyances piled up to the point where it wasn’t worth it, but YDMV as always.

I guess I can understand that, the problem is that it doesn’t JUST ask for a confirmation, it makes you give an actual BG, which means that if you don’t have your meter with you (for example, at a party, meeting, movies, etc.) you may need to wait a little while. If all it did was ask me if I wanted to continue Min Delivery so I could say yes, that would be fine. But reentering Auto Mode is sometimes easier said than done.


Just me, but I don’t go anywhere without my meter even with my dexcom. Paranoid or just prepared for the worst case scenio.

Anyway, I think Medtronic want an actual BS and not just the users opinion if it is okay to continue.


Not saying you should do this, but could you enter your best guess at your BG, to keep it happy ?

I use dexcom, and it will prompt for BG calibration, and when I think it’s current number is accurate, I will enter it (current Dexcom number) so that it stops bugging me with screen that BG entry is required.

I just enter the reading from my sensor that’s displayed on my pump, and that restarts auto mode.

I could, but that could throw off the accuracy of the CGM. Yes, I know that the BG and SG are not the same, and it might not be a lot that it gets thrown off by, but I guess I’m a little bit paranoid about lying to my pump.

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I was having the same thoughts for the min delivery. I also once in a while enter in the bg that is whatever my pump says or something close but I never go all day without checking it manually.

Entering a new BG number does not effect the BG patern. Only when you calibrate will it change the pattern . By entering a New BG, you are telling the system that you have confirmed that you are not hypoglycemic and that it is ok to continue in auto mode. If I am not near my meter and I do not feel low, I will enter the last BG reading on the pump and auto mode continues.

Something that I recently learned (through experience, I haven’t actually seen documentation confirming it) is that when Min Delivery kicks you out of Auto Mode and into Safe Mode, it will automatically switch back into Auto Mode if you start needing the microboluses again within a certain amount of time. In other words, don’t overreact when you get the Enter BG message from Min Delivery, give it an hour or so and it may switch back automatically, saving you the need to do an unnecessary BG. All this is intended only for the scenario of Min Delivery WHILE YOU ARE HAVING GOOD NUMBERS, if you are having Min Delivery because you really are low, then obviously you need to take the appropriate actions. Whether this same this is applicable to Max Delivery may or may not be true, because normally if you are high for 4 hours it is because of some reason that will not end up being fixed without an additional correction bolus, so I will (hopefully) never get to test this theory. Hopefully this can save everyone a few drops of blood!