8 weeks pregnant and having lots of lows :(

I’m very excited to be pregnant but I have been having lots of lows and everything I’ve read about pregnancy is that lows are bad for the baby. I saw my endo Tuesday and she adjusted my sensitivity and ratio which for a few days worked but my lows are back. My doctor was out of the office Friday so she was unable to see my readings trough Carelink, so now I’m left this weekend wondering what to do. Did anyone else have this problem in the beginning? I keep reading most women have high bgs in the beginning. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant so fast and honestly I wanted to wait until I had better control but here I am 8 weeks pregnant. I can’t tell you how guilty I feel every time I have a low. Tears flow down my face just thinking this little miracle might not happen. Any advice or encouragement is much appreciated, thank you.

I'm sorry you are having so many lows! Please don't worry though. I'm 26 weeks along and have been tot he high-risk doctor several times for ultrasounds. They said my baby is very healthy, perfect heart, and everything is totally fine. I have A LOT of lows. I dropped to the 30s twice last week. I drop into the 50s at least twice twice during the day. They checked her, and she is fine. It just stinks for us! Your baby is probably eating up a lot of your sugar for you! :) I hope you feel better!

OK, I'm no doctor, BUT:

1) Everything *I've* been told is that lows are not a very big deal (unless, of course, you pass out or something.) And definitely remember that non-diabetic pregnant women often run in the 50s and 60s in between meals. My endo told me that, and I stopped treating the 60s as low if I was planning to eat soon anyway. I've been low a LOT, in the beginning and again now at the end (I'm 38 weeks). My baby clearly does not like it if I am low -- she flips around like crazy -- but everything is fine with my pregnancy as far as my high-risk OB can tell.

2) It's HIGH blood sugars that can seriously harm your baby. They carry an increased risk of miscarriage and birth defects early on, and, later, of your baby getting too big. But don't freak out when you do go high; just test a lot and bring it down quickly. The occasional high doesn't matter so much, I don't think; it's running high regularly. Definitely get your fasting numbers down below 90, or even lower. That buys you hours of good blood sugar control while you're asleep.

3) Low blood sugars are normal at 8 weeks. Everyone's doctor tells them to expect lows, and then people get on the forum and say, "but wait, I'm running high!!" As far as I can tell, it's because the lows kick in around 8 weeks, which is when your doctor first sees you. But *earlier than that* many of us run high (I certainly followed that pattern, and know from this board that I'm not alone.)

From everything I have been told highs are worse than lows. I suggest you consider setting a temporary basal until monday. That and test a lot.

Thank you both. I’m checking my sugar every hour until Monday. I got approved for a cgms and that should help a lot.

Thank you and congratulations!

I agree with the others -- you don't want to have lots of lows, but you should not be overly concerned about the effects on the baby. Sustained highs are what we really need to avoid. You aren't staying low for long.

I had A LOT of lows starting at week 9 and we were decreasing my basals every week until week 19, I think. In the process of figuring out when to lower your basals, you will have lows.

You are doing everything you can (checking often and correcting). Be sure to check at least once during the night to catch lows then too. I always had to pee during the night (at least once) during the entire pregnancy. So that was never a problem!

I remember being worried about EVERYTHING related to diabetes during pregnancy. Now I look at my amazing, healthy (almost) 11 month old and I already forgot that I held all those worries.

Woah, every hour! That's a lot! Do you mean during the night too? I think that you will need more sleep then! I remember being SOOOO tired around week 8.

Hi Kristin,

I was getting consistent lows from 9pm-3am so I checked every hour over the weekend, popping glucose tabs like candy. I definitely felt like a pin cushion lol. I didn’t get super low but I was between 60-75. I like my bgs in that perfect 90-120 range :slight_smile: Yesterday, the nurse called me with good news my a1c is 6.2 and my thyroid and kidney function are normal so I feel better about being pregnant. I know I have a long emotional road ahead but it’s nice to know I have support.
I’m going to see the ob/gyn soon and wanted to know what kind of questions to ask her? I was trying to find some questions online but haven’t had any luck. Thanks again for your support.

During pregnancy, 90-120 *isn't perfect*. It should never go above 120 (ha ha ha yeah right -- but ideally not), and that only 1 hour after meals. Really you should be aiming at lower than what you're calling "perfect". Both my endo and my high-risk OB agree on this... your fasting numbers and between meal numbers SHOULD be like low 70s. I think you should readjust what you're thinking of as "low"! Seriously.

I’ll ask my endo but she thought those numbers were low. I wont meet my OB for a little bit longer. I think sometimes doctors and patients are just playing one big guessing game :wink:

I tried to stay around 100 as often as possible as well ... but my endo did "re-adjust" what low was and I only treated below 65. This was because pregnant women tend to have lower numbers anyway. I actually got to the point where I felt fine at 65. If hypo unawareness is a concern then that is a good reason to keep things a bit higher.

My endo really avoided lows as well, but I decided that during the next pregnancy, I am going to aim for more fasting numbers under 80. If that can be done without more lows. Ugh!! Such a balancing act!!

I had a lot of low's when I was pregnant with my daughter. Even in the third trimester when most have high's I was still having lows and she was born small but healthy. She is now an ornery 3 year old. She was born 6 weeks early weighing 4.5 lbs. Highs are worse than lows for the baby. The most important is that you do your best to keep it in a decent range during delivery so that your baby won't have blood sugar problems right after he/she is born.

When I was pregnant my target was 65-85 which was my choice. My gyno was fine with it and since my A1C was in the 5 range, he didn't even bother with an endo for me. My current endo isn't happy because i still keep my target at that range but I have found that is where my body functions best at.

I met with my endo a couple of weeks ago and she gave me some guidelines. She wants my bgs to be between 80-95 fasting, 2hrs after meals less than 140,and before a meal less than 110. I’ve been pretty good getting my bgs down since I watch them like a hawk but I still get high bgs after my morning meal. I’ve even limited my breakfast carb intake to 30. Diabetes is such a pain. I’ve also had my second ob appointment today and so far so good. Baby is looking good :slight_smile:
What kind of questions should I ask my ob? I just want to make sure I’m not missing something? What are some things you wish you knew before the delivery day?

Yes everything she said… Except I went low and stayed low since baby implanted… Good thing I craved pineapple the first few weeks!

Do your best to stay on top of the lows… I had to eat something small with no bolus every 2 hours to avoid going low.

I had a slight increase in basals since then, but weeks 19 and 20 I saw a lot of weird lows come up. Do your best to stay positive and eat often :slight_smile:

Anyway your insurance will pay for a CGMS? I had one while i was pregnant and it was a godsend. Especially when i was in labor. I would find out if they are going to put your baby in the nicu as a precaution before you go. A lot of doctor's do for at least 24 hours to make sure they have no blood sugar problems. Ask them what they will have on hand to treat highs or lows during delivery iv wise in case it isn't responding to your insulin pump. I would make sure you have your infusion set out of the way of any possible c-section or on the arms where they might put the blood pressure cuff.