Sick of lows and waiting for test results

Hello all, I never thought I would say this but I AM SOOOOOOO TIRED OF BEING LOW ALL THE TIME!!!! I'm 14 wks today and between all these obnoxious lows and doing my best to try and prevent them (with what would be funny results - 211! 379! Oy... in better times) no dice. I'm sending my BGs and pump settings/boluses to a maternal-fetal office downtown and I'm not sure whether any of their suggestions are worth anything. They keep futzing with my basals and suggesting I take MORE insulin at meals (when I seem to be going low fairly consistently at the two-hour mark). To top that off, my NT results plus triple screen came back with a higher-than-expected (but still very low) likelihood of trisomy 21 and I'm waiting impatiently for the results from a diagnostic genetic test to come back. I'm seriously ready to kick a wall. Anyone else need to vent?

They'll go away soon enough. I think I prefer being low over high, yeah...But, both are pretty horrible in their own ways..and lows aren't good for baby either. In early pregnancy I was low too. Then the second trimester my blood sugar was perfect and now in the third trimester I started to have higher numbers but all I needed was to increase my humalog and now the numbers are fine. This happened for both of my pregnancies. Hang in there.

Nope srry I love my lows only bescause it give me a chance to eat something I was bg s are mostly high, so I never realy satisfied, needs a lot off work being consistant with my blood sugars

I think that is kinda normal to have a lot more lows in the begning. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I had LOTS of lows in the begining. The lows for me actually calmed down around 23/24 weeks. I still had them from time to time but not as much as the first half. I had days where I would just run low all day long and have to treat hypos all day. It is hard with pregnancy and it seems like doctors would rather have you run lower then higher. In fact once of the nurses at my doctor's office actually said that she'd rather see the lows then the highs, but to me either is not good...Anyway praying for you and hoping you and the doctor can get it worked out and that you can have less lows.

God Bless,


Sounds pretty much just like my pregnancy with my daughter! By the time I got to around 34/35 weeks I pretty much never had a low.

I hated when doctors have told me to try to keep my blood sugars between 70 & 80 while pregnant. Really? That is way too low for me. I feel comfy in the low 100's...

The diagnostic genetic test came back negative - yay! Still plenty of lows - boo - but I am a lot less angry about them now. I'm still less than thrilled with the suggestions I'm getting from the maternal-fetal specialist on tweaking my boluses, but I think I'm ready to take matters into my own hands and reread Th1nk like a Pancreas for ideas. Any other suggestions on striking out to fix one's own pump settings?

I can't answer your quesitons but I was wondering and this might sound dumb but is Think like a Pancreas a book and who wrote it? I am likely to be starting on the pump next month but I have been taking shots for the last five years and I am all over with lows and highs..

Yes, it's by Gary Schneiner. It's a great resource for pumpers, but the first book you'll want to look at is Pumping Insulin which really walks you through the basics.

Thanks! I am going to check for both of these books.

Completely agree. Below 80 and I start feeling shakey.....