A Bolus That Is Not Initially Absorbed. What Happens To It?

I have had many problems with scar tissue and very slow or zero absorption after bolusing. What happens to that insulin? It is in my body but it is not initially absorbed so I spike. Does that insulin eventually get absorbed very slowly or does it not get absorbed at all? There have been times that I had partial absorbtion and I had to do some small correction boluses. On other occasions there seemed to be no absorption at all and I had to do a large bolus at an alternate location. When that happens, where does that initial bolus end up? If it is tucked away in scar tissue it seems to me that it would eventually find its way into my body and lower my BG, but it is not happening that way. I have had to learn where my scar tissue, from 61.5 years of injections, appears on my body. I have permanent scar tissue on my upper abdomen. I have now pumped for 30 months and I know where I cannot place my sites.

I wish I knew too. I always wonder if it’s going to be a site with bad absorption. It makes sense that it should end up lowering the bg, unless it gets broken down. I follow a very strict rotation, I get my husband to help me put it in out of the way places, I change every other day, and lately, I’ve been liking the 6mm cannula better than the 9mm. 24 years injections+18 years pumping.

I agree - the same thing happens to me sometimes (boluses that appear to do nothing) and sometimes they just take several hours longer than expected to hit me, but other times, zippo, nothing, ever. I’ve never been able to figure this out.