Insulin injected into layer of skin?

I just took my lantus shot and this time in noticed a kind of bump underneath where I had injected. I looked at my angle and it did not seem as if it was as steep as I normally go on my legs (I usually go in at around 45 degrees on my legs). I’m pretty sure it’s not scar tissue because I just started injecting a couple of months ago and I rotate after every shot. I was wondering how this would affect my BG levels?

That has only happened to me once in 4 years…like you, I rotate each time and no scare tissue. I remember sort of massaging the site to aid the absorbtion, but don’t remember my BS reading.

You might’ve just not injected very deep and the insulin formed a pocket under the skin. It will absorb, maybe not as quickly. Check your bloodsugar more frequently throughout the day and make meal/bolus adjustments as necessary.