A few groups, A1Cs, etc

So I decided to join a few groups. One is Diabetics and Jews as I am Jewish. Another was for Disability as I am hearing impaired & the third is diabetics and tattoos. I do not have a tattoo yet but hope to get one soon. I figure to get my feet wet. I may create a group for those with LADA.

My first A1C test was 5.8%, my second was 5.3% my third is as I looked is 5.6%. So I am doing well for my first year. My next test will be December 21st. Figured why not do it on my year anniversary to really see how I am doing.

I must get back to the gym. The last time I went was Beginning of October and I am paying into going. I just can’t motivate myself to go. I know the benefits of going but I can’t get myself to go. The weather is cold now and well, I rather be warm.

I guess that is it for today.

Hey Amy…a group for LADA’s would be welcomed by me…diagnosed at 50. I am looking for lots of info and motivation.

I think I’ll do that Elaine. Create a group for us who have the weird Diabetes as I call it