Support Groups and/or Events?

Hey! Most of you probably have seen my article request below, but this is kind of an addendum to it, so hopefully you will read this too. I have noticed that most people are writing that they are meeting others through very random encounters - which is totally fine and completely expected! You guys are actually proving why I wanted to write this article in the first place. But just in case, I was wondering if any of you have had any experiences attending support groups for people with diabetes, conferences for people with diabetes, or have volunteered for events like the Walk or a Gala? If you have, please comment or email me at If you haven’t, but you have had those random encounters, you can still share that story on the other thread. Thanks!

Could you tell me a little bit more about how you find the support groups and events you’ve attended?

Hi Allison,

Great idea…you’re on to something here :slight_smile:

I’ve done the Walk & Gala a couple of times…neither one was structured in such a way that strangers could really introduce themselves to each other. At one of the Galas a couple told me about their daughter, who had been diagnosed very recently. I told them I’d been living with it for 20 years at that point, and the mom said, “But you look so healthy!” It was weird because I think she meant it as a compliment…I think they were still in shock from the diagnosis, and their lives were so full of daily stress that she couldn’t imagine where her daughter would be that far on in life. She was really very sweet though and I hope her daughter is doing well today. My experience of the Galas is that they are more about fundraising and less about supporting actual PWDs. Necessary, I suppose, but a little cold…

I also volunteered for a while at the hospital I was in when I was diagnosed, and worked with children around the same age as I was at the time (12). They had all kinds of medical issues, but I remember some of the type 1 kids thought it was cool that a grown-up knew what it was like to have diabetes. (I used to point out my old room & talk about how embarrassed I was to pee in a cup in front of a nurse, etc. Why do kids like the gross-out details?!) I saw a couple of nurses who had pumps, but things were usually so busy we never had time to do more than say hello.

It would be great to meet other adult type 1s outside of formally organized events–as one of those kids who never went to diabetes camp, I always wish I had met others along the way (:slight_smile: (I see the occasional ‘pumper’ out there and I’m always tempted to say hello, but usually too shy to do it.) Still, it would be cool to hang out and speak our own language for a while, y’know?

Kathy (aka araby62)

Im type 1 & new to the pump this year…Looking for a support group in my area. [avondale AZ] I haven’t found any. It would be sooo nice just to sit down w/ someone & talk about type 1 & the pump.

i will be passing out flyers in support of TuDiabetes (thanks manny!) this saturday at a Diabetes Fair at my local hospital/wellness center!