A general question about Glucogen and Glucagon

Hoping folks here can help with a question about glucogen versus glucagon, brought up by an experience today when I went to get prescriptions. Is there a significant difference between glucogen and glucagon, and is it enough that one has a [much] shorter shelf life than the other?

I had to replace a glucagon kit purchased in January 2011 that expired in May 2012. My endo called in a glucogen prescription Friday, which I went to pick up today. I asked the pharmacy tech if I could see the kit because I wanted to know its expiration date -- and I'm glad I asked because date was September 2013! I asked the tech to order another because I could see no good reason to pay $30 for a kit that will expire in six months. The tech, while not pleased, did ask the pharmacist about the date but all she could say was "sorry." To be fair, the pharmacist was preoccupied with finding the SKU for a collapsible cane, but I should think she would have offered an explanation for the six-month expiration if the product does have a short shelf life.

So was I right in asking them to order another kit? Thanks for any replies.

Glucagon is the name of the hormone in the needle. As far as I know, GlucaGen is a brand name (of Novo Nordisk, I think). I would think they should have the same shelf life of about a year; maybe the pharmacy had just had the kit lying on the shelf for a while.