Glucagon storage

I know glucagon kits are supposed to be stored at room temperature, but what happens to them if stored in warmer temperatures? Are they harmful? Completely ineffective? Less effective but better than nothing?

We have kits at home and at school, but I don't carry one with me - mostly because of the high temperatures here. It would be nice to keep one in my car, but in Austin, it gets way above "room temperature" much of the year. Even if I carried one in my purse, with our heat, I'm sure my purse routinely gets above the recommended 77 degree max for glucagon.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Good question to ask your pharmacist.

I don't even carry glucagon for that reason. I probably should, at least in the winter (not that we had one here in GA this year), but I feel like I carry enough junk around with me as it is.

I did ask the pharmacist and he will only quote what the package insert says - store at room temperature.

I'm with you - enough junk to carry around. It seems like one more thing to carry - until you need it and don't have it. Had a little scare with my son yesterday - he hit a record low for him. He was fine & was able to treat himself before I got there, but he looked so bad. He's never passed out, so I don't know at what point that would happened for him, but I'd sure feel horrible if I couldn't help him because I didn't want to carry more junk around.

So very helpful:)

Just a suggestion here this is what I do if I'm going on long trips (probably should do it all the time) How about getting a 6pack cooler and putting the gluagon shot and some insulin in a plastic glad bag. Close off the bag and just sit it down on top of everything in the cooler??? Be sure to put it on the top not under the ice or's it won't get too cold. We went to Dallas l;ast week and it was sooo warm over there I feel for u guys down there. TN is atleast a little north of that heat.

My CDE told me that even though it is supposed to be stored within the recommended temperature... IF it goes above or below that it might lose some strength (just like your insulin does), but you'd definitely still give it to a person that had low sugar cause if it doesn't work it isn't going to kill them. Also, I have seen Glucagon work in hot temps, cold temps, expired for 3 years- it's not recommended of course, because the company can only guarantee it will work for that duration and under those circumstances. I realize that doesn't help a whole lot, but I wouldn't NOT carry it just because you purse gets above 77 degrees. Remember its in a closed case away from light not insulated... it isn't gonna get over 77 degrees unless you leave it in 77 degree heat for days on end, or it's like 100 degrees out.

I've never had such a severe low where I wasn't able to treat, so that probably contributes to my apathy.
I woke up from my lowest low ever a couple weeks ago around 3 a.m. I felt low, but couldn't tell it was THAT low. 36! But maybe subconsciously I knew, because I got to the living room where my meter was as fast as I could in the dark. That number surprised and scared me. I still don't know why it dropped that low.
I guess I should get some glucagon and keep it here at work. No one here knows about my diabetes, but if I got any kind of pump/pod/sensors as I want to do, they would definitely notice. I need to tell them for safety reasons anyways, but I think a pump/pod/sensor would ease that conversation a little.

We spend several months of the year near or above 100 degrees, so glucagon would definitely spend a considerable amount of time above the recommended 77 if left in my car or purse (which I leave in the car at home - but it’s in the garage where it’s not quite so hot). I think I’ll get a frio pack for the car & put a glucagon kit in it. That might not be the ideal solution, but it would be better than nothing, I guess.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in!

This is something I've struggled with too, AustinMom. It's already been 85 here and more predicted all next week. I'm always so tempted just to leave my kit in the car for a quick trip in the store but I usually don't.