A Humorous Sidestep from Fierce Footwork Fridays!

This week we were lucky to have the evening off so my fellow dancers and I enjoyed a pilates class instead. Man, I forgot to breathe this week! Too much of standing over cadavers in the anatomy lab and studying curled up in a little ball. It feels so good to move again!

Anyways, I desperately needed to do something other than dance or study so I created a humorous, Diabetes Meme! I needed to laugh a bit this week anyways! I couldn't find one for diabetes so I thought I would take matters into my own hands and create one to share with the world...If the world hasn't already gotten sick of meme's yet, which I don't think it has.

Get ready to cringe folks!


Since I am having technical difficulties check out my diabetes meme on my website, A Diabetic Ballerina.

-Exit Stage Left

So sorry about that! I have it all fixed up!
Here it is!