A letter to medicare

Dr Mister Medicare,
A year ago, nearly to the day, you became my sole provider of insurance. I thank you for paying your portion of my medical bills, but am beginning to find your services obsolete. Since putting myself in your care i have been finding myself running short of money every month and have been slowly trying, yet managing to fail, to pay off a credit card bill run up by paying the bills you did not cover with money i do not have. You do not enjoy covering my psychiatric drugs which leads to you paying for drugs to aid the ill effects that my body suffers for not being able to afford all of the appropriate medications.

Today was the final straw. Upon filling a prescription for test strips i learned that you would only cover 100 test strips per month. Even if i were to test the minimum amount of times recommended per day for a type 1 diabetic, i would still be short 20 test strips. Considering that i have to test at least six times per day (more if i am ill or my body chooses to simple be uncooperative that day) i most certainly do need 200 test strips per month, just as my doctor wrote on my script. Though i undoubtedly value your input on my health needs versus your financial decisions, i do believe i’ll have to side with my endochronologist on this matter. i do appreciate the view point you must have, wherein that my death would make your payments toward my heath needs significantly cheaper.

And so i am currently working toward putting in my two week notice to Medicare. Though i am on disability and will not do well working the bottom line is this - i need insurance. Perhaps you should look at the bigger picture. What would be in all of our greatest interests regarding this matter? You and i could share the cost for an extra box of test strips every month, or we could split the cost of those monthly trips to the ER followed by two weeks of hospitalization because i’m not able to test enough to control my blood sugars properly. I thought you were happy that those days were behind us, Medicare. I sure was.


All you should need to do to get more test strips out of Medicare is keep a 30 day long and give to your pharmacy showing you test 10-12 times a day or however many you do. I am on Medicare/Medicaid and I get 350 strips a month. That is all I had to do to get the test strips. Also check into you QMB Medicaid in your state. If you income is low enough QMB will cover your Medicare Premiums, copay, deductible etc.