A little about me

I’m almost 52, I have type 2 Diabetes and was diagnosed in 1994. My main purpose is to try and find out what people think about the new drug called Victoza. I haven’t tried it yet, because Medicare won’t pay for the drug. Any suggestions would be great?! I was able to get a discount card directly from Victoza. It used to be $25 off for 12months, but they changed it to 24 months. I also have various other chronic disorders and am trying to lose some weight. I told my Endo this and she gave me Victoza to take. I am only on Insulin. I take Novolog Flexpen and Lantus Solostar. I had been taking Metformin, but in Sept of 2009 I was put on 3 new medications and ended up in the hospital with Kidney failure and Steven’s Johnson Syndrome. So, I have to start slow on new medications to keep from becoming sensitive to them. I live in a small community just on the other side of Lake Travis (Austin, TX). I try and walk at least 2 a week when I’m not so fatigued and I play every night outside with my puppy (Zeus). Any suggestions on how to reduce the intake of food would be appreciated.

I would have to say to the “how do I reduce my intake of food” well eating Low carb, or counting them and keeping them low will no only help with the Diabetes but also can help drop some of those meds. With the two insulins and the oral, do they still think your Type 2?

With all the meds, what is your A1C and how are your BS in the AM?

I know so many of us, well more of us then not watch our carbs, and that is something that you should look into, there is lots of info on here and the Internet.

Start by filling your plate 3/4 full of vegetables (and I do not mean potatoes), and 1/4 quality protein (grass-fed, wild caught, pastured, etc.). Then make sure you get 8 full glasses of water each day. Do that for 2 weeks at each meal and report back. yes, vegetables at breakfast are easy to do! Think of an omelette with mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, kale, etc. The advice typically given “eat like everybody else, just less” is stupid.

I should add that my A1C last month was 9.9, but everything else they check for were below normal. Which just so you know I have a smoothie at night with Flaxseed mixed in, which has helped keep my Cholesterol and Tri’s to be normal. It surprised the Dr. that everything was good, except for the A1C. I do eat veggies and Chicken mostly, every now and then I have some Beef and on occasion I have Pork. I’m really not supposed to eat Pork, but every now and then I do. I drink more than 8 glasses of water because in 09 I had 4-9mm stones, two on each side, and man was that horrible. In the am my blood sugars are about 105 to 115. But, before lunch they are around 280 even though I take my insulin (no I’m not on any oral medication). I rarely eat something sweet, on occasion I have a cookie or a piece of cake, but normally I just stick with yogurt, and fruit. Right before bed my sugars are about 300, if I’m sendentary. As long as I’m up and around I don’t have the typical high sugars. My issue is that right now I’m very exhausted (I have Lupus), and I have Fibromyalgia, but after having two operations last year on my spine to control the pain. My outlook is getting better, if only the Lupus didn’t make me feel exhausted. I could walk around the block every day, but for every 1 day that I’m out walking, I spend two days in bed tired. I am trying to work on losing weight, but with all the meds I’m on, it makes it difficult. I can say that I have a dog and if I try picking up a donut, he has to have it, so I haven’t been eating anything, because 1 its bad for me and 2 bad for my dog. I haven’t had bread since last June, I crave carbs but hardly eat them. I do have rice or potatoes with dinner, but the last time I ate potatoes for dinner was last November. And I had rice this evening with my stir fry. And yes, I’m overweight or obese as everyone says. Last year I was on Steriods for 6 months, following an Asthma incident, which put more weight around my middle. I think I just need to share my experiences with other people and get insight as how to motivate myself to walk more and spend less time in bed. I think the highest my sugars had been was in the low 500’s because of the steriods. The last low I had was the other day, and I think it’s because I gave myself too much insulin. So thank you all for your comments…and keep them coming!!

Ok So I was wrong, my last A1C was 9.5 not 9.9, not that a few points off is such a big deal. Still haven’t used the Victoza, I’m torn between the side affects and the cost. And lately my blood sugars have been in the mid 140’s although it’s not great, it’s much better than 280. I have noticed, that when I’m don’t have a lot of energy my blood sugars are high, not very but to me high 320’s. When I have some energy and am doing something constructive, my blood sugars are normal. Yes, I get that walking around to laying around is definetly going to add/subtract the level of blood sugar. I guess, I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and take the Victoza. Anybody have comments on where I can buy this product at a lower cost?

And on the low carb thing, it doesnt matter how low my carbs are if I don’t take enough insulin, well my sugars are going to be high.

You’re like me. I am 59 going on 60 this year. DX in 1997. I went through all the oral meds. Byetta and Lantus. Then Lantus and Novalog with carb counting on a bolus/basal regimen. I have been on an insulin pump now for almost two years now. My A1c was about 9 before MDI and now is 6.3 on the pump. I eat about 175 grams of carbs a day sometimes less. Most are at dinnertime. I want to get it down to around 150 a day or 50 per meal. My Endo doesn’t want me to have snacks. I think the best therapy is what you’re on now and should stay on it. You need to learn to count carbs and the blood sugars will come down.