A little more intro


Some of you here on tudiabetes may know me as the refluxguy who has a blog called The Completely Inconsequential Flux Capacitor. Those who read entries there for the first 6 months of this year may also know how the blog seemingly vanished. It’s taken a while for it to rematerialize on the hosting company’s server so I’m back writing on it again and during that time, I kept myself occupied with chronicling my effort to get myself ready to run a half-marathon at a freebie blogsite, The Incompletely Inconsequential Flux Capacitor.

If you’re a member of diabetesforums.com, I’m Scratch and the guy who has a thread about running 13.1 miles come November 18th.

It’s been a difficult process to have gained some level of acceptance to what happened to me back in March 1985. It’s especially difficult at times because I don’t know, real-life, any other type 1 diabetics, and I’m a socially withdrawn sort.

But I’m here and I’m alive.


Sorry about the troubles at the hosting company - those things can be a real pain in the arse.

Glad to see that you are back writing, and that the lack of posts on your blog did not mean that something bad happened to you.