Just a short note

We are all aware that some big changes are coming to TuDiabetes soon. I have been trying to keep up with all the news and information provided on the changes and the vast majority of it seems to be positive and agreeable.

Only one thing stands out to me, personally, as a somewhat negative change and is the loss of blogs. I'm not too upset about this, however, because I keep my primary blog elsewhere.

I have enjoyed posting my blog here, though, because it has been a valuable tool to help me to better socialize, share my life and experiences, and to gain knowledge and support from other diabetics.

If you have enjoyed and benefited from reading my blog here, you can find my primary blog, Diabetes Odyssey, at the following link.


I can't believe they're getting rid of the blogs....it's the BEST part of this site! What's the point of that, I wonder.

I am glad that I saw this because I was not aware the blog feature is going away. I just posted my first blog post today. Thanks for sharing the idea of Blogger & Wordpress from my blog post. I'm going to check those out for an alternative.

Although I don't write blogs, I do find them interesting and informative -- the adventures of daily living with the blogger's form of diabetes. I especially like the more detailed ones. Tamra is an excellent reporter, as far as I know(!) of her endo visits and I like comparing hers with mine, if only internally to myself.

I won't, however, seek out individual blogs elsewhere. I spend way too much time on my laptop anyway and would not be able to find all of the ones i have followed here.

I always enjoy reading all blogs so why are they going to be no more ?
Please don,t discontinue the blogs
Thank you.

As far as I know it's because the new platform they are going to use doesn't offer a way to support a blog section. They are going to offer an alternative, though. But don't quote me on this, I'm not too sure exactly what the plan is.

Wait, wait! Check out: https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/migration-update-forum-categories-and-subcategories?commentId=583967%3AComment%3A3636513&xg_source=activity

Under the Category of Community, there is a Sub-category which says: "Share Your Stories (This is where member blogs will go!)"

Reading this, I am quite sure that we will continue to be able to write & read blogs.

Wonderful! I didn't see that! :D

I saw that, too, Trudy, just today. Do you know if our already-posted blogs will be transported over there from here? I'm not clear yet on that....Oh and Trudy--I was happy to see you were following through on our Poet's group. Thanks!

Trudy is correct, we want to continue connecting with each other through our stories. One of the problems with our current set up is people don't understand the difference between a blog, such as yours and Rick's, and a discussion, and a status update. I've seen "blogs" here that really are looking for a conversation - "What's the best pump?" - that is a discussion. I've also seen blogs here that are status Updates - for example, "my a1c went down to 5.6!" - that is a status update.

Plus we'll have the added feature of seeing the best d blogs from around the DOC on our new blogs page - see this discussion

That sounds wonderful! I guess I wasn't keeping up with the news very well. :)

Trudy, thanks so much for pointing out the "Share Our Stories" section we're adding to the new forum! Indeed, that's where we intend blogs to go. And thank you, Marie, for further explaining and clarifying some of the intent behind this change!

We definitely still want members to be able to share their experiences and stories, and I hope this new format for that will work well for that purpose!

Thanks, Emily, and everyone. I have stuck with TuDiabetes for this very reason, everyone here is so attentive and listens well to the needs and desires of the members..and friends, here. I know full well how difficult it can be to please everyone since everyone tends to have different needs and desires.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication! :D

Tamra: Thanks for the link Iʻve added it to my BlogaBetes> Bookmarks folder along with several other members oneʻs.

I thought I understood the difference between Blogging and Discussions and most likely do. Maybe a requirements for being a blog list/page. or What Defines Blog Post on TuDiabetes would help out Marie Iʻm sure you considered that but as a newer member I think Iʻll be fine with it. For the discussions Iʻve seen some others do an Archived posts sort of thing where the oldest discussions that are no longer viewed stay available but get taken out of the comment stream where they were. If TuD did something like that it would be nice to cross-link the older and newer topics with Tags or other methods to join or show related Discussions (Discos) to be easily accessed.

-I wrote this on pg 1 of 2 so If I mention anything not yet read, thatʻs why...