A little tip for removing the G6 transmitter for restarts

I just found another great tool, works better than test strip, and don’t have a guitar.

Metal snap hair clip, with STRAIGHT edge, similar to below an AZN. But I got some from Dollar store.

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Well, my try tonight was unsuccessful. I did the strip going straight down per Dave44 instructions. I could not get the strip to slide either direction. I inserted it three different places and I know at least one had to be in the correct place. All were easy to insert and each time as deep as possible. After giving up and removing the sensor, I inserted the strip again and angling downward instead of trying to slide the strip worked. Too late of course. I don’t know if that will work in 10 days but will try again. I have an 8J sensor so I don’t know if that makes a difference either.
Dex was quick to get my second set of 3 sensors to me and thus far, knock on wood, the first three lasted exactly 10 days each to the minute. I know I should not say that as it will jinx my experience.

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I have the 8J transmitter and the restart works for me.

I had similar problem with BG strips, but usually got it to work after many tries. But today used the metal hair clip and got it out on the first try.

I used a guitar pick on saturday, it was perfect! It literally popped out! So easy I did it at a stop light while driving. I put the transmitter in my pocket and started a timer for 30 minutes. By the time I arrived at my destination, the timer went off and I popped the transmitter back in and started the new sensor session.

This is a game changer, I have visions of a plentiful safety stock of sensors in my cabinet.

I say run do not walk to guitar center and get a few guitar picks. They are cheap and the folks at Guitar Center are so so nice. Mine had red flames on it.


MM1, I don’t know whether I actually got it partly loose or not. I never heard a click or felt any movement while it was still on my arm. Once it was off and I stuck the strip back in the same place and instead of sliding, I accidentally pushed it downward at a slant against the connection, the darned thing loosened like magic. But I had looked at and touched it before doing that and it looked and felt tight.
I am having to do this one handed since it is worn on my upper front arm and don’t have a helper. I hope the magic works in 10 days!
I could also look for some picks! Thanks.

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When you all say you are using a pick, what are you doing with it? I wear my sensor, rounded end up on my arm. So do you insert above the connection and how do you insert the pick? Straight down and slide or do you do something else with it? Some other movement? Like trying to “hoe” it out or slide vertically along the seam? I just was against a roadblock with trying to slide. Tx.

Check out the video and comments here.

I know I didn’t get many “likes” for my OP but today I had to remove a G6 xmitter that I can barely see. I couldn’t find the library card I mentioned so I grabbed another ID card thatI thought ( I was wrong–it is too thick) was about the same thickness. Try as I might, no joy. Went back to my stash of old cards and got a thinner one. Success in a few seconds–doing it blindly. This will be the last time I champion the usage of thin plastic materials such as thin ID cards. I promise. Just do what works for you!


Tried a laminated zoo membership card last night. Worked like a charm! One slide of the card and the transmitter popped out. But it was near the front of my abdomen; clearly visible and easy to reach.

I’m sure it would work closer to my back, but I would still have trouble reaching and aligning the card because of my arthritis. But the same goes for test strips, guitar picks or any other tool.

That’s one reason why I like the “huge” G6 inserter. I can easily grip it and push the trigger even at the full extreme of my stretch. Almost no manual dexterity required.

Gave you a ‘like’ on your last post just so you don’t feel so unwanted :grinning:


I tested this yesterday. I popped the transmitter out using a thin card per @Dave44’s instructions, ground the transmitter tabs off with a file, then reinserted it. No problem at all pushing it back in, but the sensor is spring loaded to hold the contacts firmly against the transmitter. That means quite a bit of force is required to hold it in place. More than a piece of tape would provide IMO.


LOL! Thanks! I know that removing a xmitter can be a pain, and trying to be helpful to the community, I thought they would appreciate a super-simple, fast, “do-it-blindly” method to be useful for them. But I guess I was wrong. :slight_smile:

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Are u saying that the xmitter is secure after removing the tabs? Are they fully removed?

No - its not secure at all. The tabs are completely ground off. I was hoping to use a tape to hold it in place for easy removal. But the transmitter holder is spring loaded, pushing the transmitter back out. Under normal circumstances the tabs engage and hold it in place. I don’t think a piece of tape will be strong enough given the amount of force pushing against it.

Probably should have expected this. Live and learn. Fortunately the transmitter was ready to be replaced so nothing lost.

I wonder if doing just partial removal of tabs would work. Just enough to make it easier to slide in the “removal tool” (bg strip, guitar pick, metal barrett).

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I wouldn’t grind the tabs even a tiny bit as I wouldn’t want a xmitter to fall out by accident. It isn’t necessary when I find it trivially easy to remove a xmitter using a thin plastic card. It takes a couple of seconds per side, literally. Doing it w/o even seeing what I’m doing. Using my fingers, I can tell where I should insert the corner of the card, shove it in all the way, slide it, and POP, one side it done. Repeat on the other side and the xmitter falls out.

Paytone mentioned having difficulty with removal, but agree if you can do it without modifying tabs, that would be best.

I certainly appreciate him mentioning his experimentation. It’s good to know what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

As @MM1 said, for me It’s difficult and painful enough to reach back and insert the transmitter when I’m using a site further back on my abdomen, let alone using your card method (or any other requiring a tool) to remove it.

Now for you or anyone without my limitations, I agree it would serve no purpose. But it doesn’t work, so no value to me or anyone else.

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I had some difficulty too (limited shoulder movement), and found the metal barrette much easier.

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