G6 restart is possible!

This video has the instructions on how to restart G6 sensors that say “No restarts” - I tried it today and it worked! :slight_smile: Thank you to Type1Tech TipsnTricks!

I’d typed up the steps since the video is long:

  1. stop sensor on phone & receiver (or wait until session ends)
  2. use a test strip or thin card to pop transmitter out of old sensor (still in your body) - there is a hidden clip in middle of sensor - try to get it to raise up slightly on both sides and the transmitter will come out.
  3. wait at least 30 minutes (longer is ok)
  4. snap transmitter back in old sensor
  5. on receiver & phone, start new sensor session using original code

On my first attempt at it since seeing this a week or so ago, and so far so good. I’m an hour and 30min into the warm up and no restart block warning, so I think I’ve cleared the hurdle. Getting the sensor detached is a little tricky just b/c upper arm placement but not too bad. I waited a full 30 minutes and change, and that seems to have been sufficient. Other than that it’s pretty much like a regular sensor start. Reportedly the G7 will be sensor and transmitter all in one (disposable) unit, so that I guess will be the end of restarts for good. But at least for now we have a G6 fix.


Awesome! You know someone will find a way to do restarts, though :wink:


Our ingenuity knows no bounds!

5 minute countdown now, and… DING DING DING DING DING we have a reading! Though it’s kinda ridiculously far off. But that will settle down I’m sure.


Can you confirm you did this with 8Gxx transmitter ?

Appears the only difference is to wait 30 minutes, after removing transmitter.

And a refresher on using transmitter removal test strip tool.

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Yup, absolutely. Alas, I’ve had the “transmitter battery will end soon” warning, so I’ll be switching to a new one at the end of this session. I assume that will be an 8Gxx as well, but there seem to be a few versions in circulation. Hopefully this will work whichever it ends up being.

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I did it with the 81 transmitter!

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The original 80x and 81x transmitters always allowed sensors to restart, but did not require 30 min wait with sensor removed. The newer 8Gx and 8Hx transmitters appear to have newer logic in them to treat readings a bit differently when it thinks a “real” new sensor is inserted (new location on body). The newer transmitter will assume some “trauma” to insertion site, and influences how it translates to BG value. It also seems to recognize “no trauma” means sensor is not really a new insert, and gives error without the 30 minute wait.

(I have 81x transmitter, and do sensor restart ok without removing sensor or waiting 30 minutes).

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I hope a reliable, easier method emerges. I was unsuccessful when I previously tried this method. I have osteoarthritis and it’s a real struggle removing the transmitter when placed anywhere other than the front of my abdomen. I still have enough range of motion to place the inserter, push the button and connect the transmitter in other parts of my abdomen. But performing the transmitter swap operation is beyond my abilities. Right now I’m restarting sensors using the iPhone method with 81 series transmitters. Unfortunately I’m on my last one.

Two weeks ago I asked my endo to write a script for 4 boxes of sensors every 90 days so I can just skip the restart thing entirely. He agreed, but I don’t have confirmation from Express Scripts that they’ll honor the request. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Maybe it worked for you, but once I got my newest transmitter (the 81), it didn’t allow me to restart. This method worked, though.

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Good point. Dexcom could have made changes within the 81x series.

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Awesome! Thanks for that!

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Like @Allison1 my last sensor would not restart the normal way and it was a 81xxxx series transmitter.

Just curious, I see a sw and firmware # for my 81x transmitter. Sw11163

What is yours?

@MM1 Where is that number? I see numbers all over the box, but I’m not finding any numbers with dots.

My 81x transmitter:

  • SW11163
  • firmware:

So there is a slight difference for me, at least!

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Look in the app.

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Thanks! @Allison1
Same number @MM1
It’s 11163.

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Have you done sensor restarts without 30 min wait ?

This is a transmitter that started and restarted 2 other sensors just fine. But the last sensor when I went to restart I tried the easy way and it failed. So I spent 4 hours going back and forth trying to restart it with the bluetooth unpaired method. I finally got it to work. Same thing the second restart. Same problem. I don’t know what I did right in the long run both those times.

But I had another MRI so I had to pull that sensor off. So today/tonight I will be trying the new method with this sensor and pulling the transmitter out for 30 minutes…

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