A plan or schedule for injection points on the human body for a diabetic?

My wife is a diabetic and I give her the injections. So far, I have given them to her on upper arms (no complaint from her) and once to her abdomen (but she didn’t like this area at all). I know that the injections should be given randomly on certain body areas and I know that injections should never be given too much in the same area but I want a plan on how to do this correctly. Never wanting to re-invent the wheel so does anyone have a well-worked out schedule of giving insulin injections so that one area is not preferred over the other. One created by you or one off the internet is no problem. Any information given is greatly appreciated.

I was told not to inject within a square inch of another site (point) within a 30 day period. I keep a written log of where I do it - there’s a picture on my page of my log. I generally rotate around from legs, to hips, back, and some abdomen.

This may sound strange but I just inject in my stomach, sometimes in my upper thighs. I have never had a problem with this in the 20 yrs that I’ve been D. I couldn’t bear to take insulin in my arms, but everyone is so different.

I only inject in my stomach area…lower area I inject my Levemir doses and upper stomach area is my Humalog doses. I don’t ever inject in my thigh or arms, hurts me too much. I just start in the “middle” of both regions and work my way outwards, and downwards. Plus, with this area I know how my insulin is absorbed on a some what regular basis.

Dear Marie B:
I am very new to this Forum and to computer things in general. How can I exactly access the picture on your page of your log? By the way, thank you very much for your posting. Finally, does anyone an exact system for “randomly” giving inflections on the human body. Any information is greatly appreciated.

I’ve never used my arms since it’s not easy to inject yourself there. I use my stomach, thighs, hips & top of my rear end.

Abdominal area appears to be where insulin is most readily absorbed. What I was told, in case this is helpful, is to think of my stomach as a clock & move injections “around the dial” to avoid injecting in the same place too often.

Are the needles you use short & thin? I never feel any discomfort in my abdomen, or anywhere else.

What happens if your wife needs an injection when you’re not available?


Here are areas on the human body to inject Insulin.
You can decide for yourself on which area that you wish to inject.
Just be sure to rotate each injection.

Click on the link below.


Hey Marad,

I see that she doesn’t like the shots in her stomach, but it will be an easier area to keep up with. I was taught to inject the insulin in the shape of a “W” with the belly botton in the middle of the open area of the “W” (of course only injecting 2" away from the belly botton ). Imagine drawing a “W” on her stomach area and the next injection would be at the top of the “W” on either the left or the right side, which ever you prefer, and from then on you’d use this imaginary “W” as your guide. Does this make sense? I now feel like I’ve confused myself… I really hope this helps you all out.