Question on injection sites?


Do people have better absorption of their insulin on certain sites than others? I like to inject in my stomach but find I have alot better absorption in my arm. At least I get a quicker response to the insulin that is.

I was re reading Dr B’s book and am not clear on this. thanks

I too get better absorption on my stomach area then any other area. Just make sure to rotate, rotate, rotate so that you do not build up scar tissue.

Thanks Unicorn zzzz for the advice on rotation. I do that often and i am between my arm and stomach.

I could not do it in my arms. I tried once in my leg and said the heck to that. That hurt. I would just use my stomach and would move an inch or two over from my last shot and that is where I would inject. I also found certain places on my stomach work better than others.

Thanks Sunny, I will re-read that chapter in his book. :))