A Poetry Book,written by all of you,sold to support life for a child charity

My friends may I suggest this idea to all of you.I have suggesions to how to start but I like to hear from you the plans because you know better

That is a great idea. I think it could generate a lot of sales and make money for a worthwhile cause like curing diabetes or for tudiabetes. If I can help in any way let me know.

Thank you Phil for your response,love to hear your suggesions and from all members in the club to how we start

1-choose members who select the poems
2-get written permission from owners of poems chosen
3-contact tudiabetes administration for any suggessions and if book can be sold to support our community here
4-contact drug companies to help with publication cost
5-approach publishers in USA
6-the design and final result,what theme?

Please write your suggessions and how you can help?

What a great brain wave, Sohair…please keep us informed. Would it be helpful to have a brief forward on the children of this charity?

My dear friends,
I wrote to Manny & Melessa about the idea of a poetry book,with poems& photos are done by members and to carry the logo of hand foundation,to be sold exclusively to support our wonderful charity.You know the system of publication in USA,the cost,the publishers who can do it,I know only the system in my country.
We wish to present this book to the administration one day as our supportive gesture.
Your ideas please

Hi Linda,
Here is a video that I did a while back that talks about this program:

I am very interested in seeing the comments about this topic. I LOVE the idea: just need to see how many people would be interested to participate in the project.

For starters, we would need to have a person act as local coordinator in the US, to conduct all research and contact with publisher, etc.

Here is a plan for the BOOK

The book
The Title
The Author : Diabetes Hands Foundation
The logo
The design of coverage

The contents
Poems& photos vrs poems only
Poems about diabetes only vrs variety of poems

The publisher:

The costs of publishing the book
Number of pages
Type of papers
The cost is more if to include photos

Can the publisher publish it for free

Choosing the contents:

We need all members to contribute with own poems

The administration will choose the poems& photos to be published

Those whose poems& photos to be published have to donate it to the foundation in writing

When out in stores?

For World Diabetes Day, 2009