A question to all insulin pen users!

I wouldn't feel bad. If people want to change their needles they can but I think it's pretty clear you don't have to? Dr. Bernstein even agrees with that?

Animas ping. I’m talking about leaving the needle on the pen and recapping

I use a different needle every time- I noticed a difference in pain when I tried to re-use one directly after using it and I wanted to add one more unit. I think the needles really do get dulled/damaged after one use. I don't change the lancets as often but I think the really fine ones which I use do become duller after a few uses.

I change lancets and needles each time. Cost isn't an issue (insurance covers needles, lancets can be found on the cheap). In a pinch I'll reuse, but I find the comfort seriously degrades each time.

I immediately toss the pen needle as soon as I'm done with my shot, and re-cap the pen.

A used needle left in the pen is a potential conduit for bacteria, air and bits of skin/blood to be sucked back into the pen reservoir via capillary action. Ick.

I usually use a new one each time but I'm definitely not afraid to reuse if the situation calls for it. Actually I'll often remove my needle from my novopen and put it back in its cap and leave it sitting on the counter until the next meal and use if if any post meal corrections are needed... that way I'm only using 3 a day and a box will last a whole month. If I'm on the go, i'll reuse. Haven't noticed any difference in comfort with just reusing a couple times... sometimes brand new needles hurt, sometimes ones used a few times don't.. for me it depends more on how sensitive the spot I jab myself in is.

I used a nano pen needle the other day, actually what I should say is I tried to use a nano pen needle the other day and it was defective. When I screwed it on to the pen and tried to prime nothing came out. I unscrewed it and found that the part that goes into the insulin reservoir was mangled. I recapped it and pulled a new one out, but of course kept the mangled one in my purse. I wrote a letter to BD about it and included the mangled pen needle, who knows they'll probably send me a coupon for a free box. I started the letter with now much I appreciated the quality of the products and had used them for 37+ years blah blah blah but if one in 40,000 fails then it is 1 too many. I get stuff with coupons all the time. Got a 5 pack of kwikpens when they came out, a 100 nano needles when they first came out, only problem is I live in MA and the pharmacy lobbyists have made it next to impossible to get rebates on stuff. I had to put my parents name and address in Florida on the nano pen needle rebate, they just mailed me the $ 33.00 check.

My humalin N I change once a day. (Only 2 shots) My humalog I use twice, I have tried to get more mileage out of them but I find it stings more. The needles I use are #6 extra fines so I think they get dull quicker and bend easily. My CDE said I could use more than once if I was comfortable with it. Twice is enough for me!

I need an advise for those who re-use needle.

There are 2 different cap of needle, which one you used? the small cap or the big cap?

or, you didnt recap it but only use pen cap?

PS: hope you all understand my "bad English".... :)

Hi Shawnmarie, thanks for reply and you were right. if I recap with the large cap, my pen's cap wont fit. So I recap using the small cap for the needle and then recap the pen.