Using a syringe multiple times

I've noticed that some of you are comfortable in using the same syringe multiple times. Any complications from doing this?

When I used syringes I did use them MANY problems. I use the Insulin Pens now and I still use the needles over and over.....etc. Never a problem. Of course I would change when the needle really starts to hurt :)

thanks for the input! I've done it myself when I've run out of needles, but doing it on a regular basis would save me a lot of money :)

Been doing it for 25 years. No troubles at all. Just keep the needle from touching anything but the insulin and you.

Yup same here. I don't even use alcohol. Obviously if you hit a blood vessel you will bruise but that is even with a new needle. I generally won't use use a needle more then two days of injections and with me that could be anywhere from 10 to 12 punctures on average. At this point diabetes hasn't cost me near what some people have claimed to manage even with no insurance. I use NPH, R and Humalog. Both NPH and R can be bought at walmart for $25 a vial and buying Humalog in Canada when I buy a package of 10 vials cost me under $350 shipped which is less then $35 a vial. My doc usually gives me a vial or two of humalog as she usually has samples in the office. The test strips I haven't bought since I lost my insurance nearly 8 years ago but I stopped testing for a few years. I recently started again but a guy I met sells them wholesale to hospitals and he gave me a few thousand for free on an order that was never filled.

No never any problems at all. I had done this for years before switching to my pump. When I used my humalog and lantus pens, I'd change the needle out when I started a new pen, and have never had any problems at all.