I have a question on novolog flex pen

Hey out there, I am now using this pen thing and they say NOT to reuse the little needle things more than once,is anyone out there using this and what about reusing ??? I am new at using this and just have quetions.
Thanks, Odie

i use one needle till it’s all gone

Thanks for the update,do you just put the cap back on ?

I personally reuse the needles on my pens more than once - even until I’ve finished the cartridge!

In days gone by, when people used glass syringes and thick needles, both of which had to be sterilised after each injection, the needles did get blunt and it would get to the stage where doing an injection would actually hurt. Things aren’t like this anymore. Today’s needles are fine and really don’t hurt, but they still do get blunt with repeated use. The other problem with re-using needles is that the tip of the needle gets “misshapen” and bent (this isn’t visible to the naked eye), which in turn causes micro-trauma at the injection site. The other thing to watch out for is that if you’re injecting a suspension (cloudy) insulin, these types of insulin can cause a blockage in the needle through repeated use of the same needle, thus impeding full delivery of the dialled-up amount.

I used to use the pen, never had any probs with re-using the little needles, but they are quite delicate and can
bend at times.

Thanks I went last night to get my first batch,(new to insulin) and found out that the insulin and lil needles come seperate like the same thing with test strips and lansets!! i now find the same problem and man is the cost a bitt more!!


Thanks good to know I think I will try it for a couple days at a time?/

thanks again!! odie

Thanks i will try to test the therory next time ooppps that’s coming upoon.lol