A Tale of Two Wearable Devices: the Misfit Shine and Fitbit Zip

As the columnist for the "All Things Tech" column at www.DiabetesCare.net, I'm please to share the link to my latest article, just published, called "A Tale of Two Wearable Devices: The Misfit Shine and Fitbit Zip". I discuss how these (and other) wearable fitness devices can help people with diabetes manage their physical health. Please comment, share, follow, and post wherever you think it's appropriate. Part 2 of the article will also follow soon. Thanks!

I am intrigued by fit bit but am concerning about hacking into my mobile device. Nancy

I had a fitbit one but lost it...repeatedly. The case was very badly designed so that the device could just fall out even with the case still attached to your belt/bra, and since it was so small it wasn't noticable when it fell. Thankfully the company has the BEST customer service ever and replaced two of the devices that fell out of the case plus a thrid that went through the washer...I haven't asked them to replace the fourth that I lost on my own.

If I ever get another fitbit I'll be getting the wrist-band variety, but I can't find the fitbit Force which is the one I'd want, not sure if they discontinued it or what.