Dexcom armband or something?

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone knows of some sort of band to hold the dexcom on when exercising. You know, like you have for your ipod? Preferable something that doesn't inhibit view either. I can put it on a cardio machine when working out, but typically don't wear pockets, and in the scenario of crosstraining would love to have it attached to my arm or leg and visible. Thought it couldn't hurt to ask! Thanks!

Gina, I workout with my Dex all the time and generally either put it in the little pocket on my running/water belt (in back) in the back of my jersey when cycling. I use the Amphipod RunLite belt for my runs if that helps.

Thank you! Will totally look into it, though I'm not usually keen on working out with anything "extra" if you know what I mean. For instance, if I have too many things in my ski jacket, I feel super annoyed and don't ski as well, hence the no pockets when working out. I'm strange, I know, but totally appreciate your suggestion, and will give it a try, since, well, I have nowhere to put my Dex :) Haha. Thanks again!

gina i have a small verizon phone thingy...that the dexcom slips into and you can see thru this plastic screen..if you want one i actually purchased 2 of these at this close out sale at a phone store..they only cost a dollar but it works nice, i dont need the extra one..if you send me your email address, will take a picture of it with my phone and send it to you..and then if you want it, will mail it to you for xmas

Thanks so much JM! that is so thoughtful of you. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me the photo, that would be great!

I like spibelt for exercising. It lies flat against the body, doesn't flap around and I can easily shift it around to avoid crashing a barbell into my pump or Dex. You won't be able to see the receiver but I find it's readily accessible.

Thanks. That’s great!

I’m a fan of the spibelt too.