A VERY scary experience!

A most scary,

It started last night 15 minutes after dinner. I suddenly had a never expected low. Why was it never expected?
Well, we had standing prime rib roast as the meat for dinner, something I realy like but don’t get often enough.
I did eat toomuch! Sure did and expected a real high coming on. Instead shortly after dinner I had a low we could handle well. The rest of the night was uneventful.

The night. I slept well untill 4 am when I got up to catherterize my bladder. (Doing that for 20 years) I do that 5 times per 24 hours. I always test and I was at a good level and had no need to drink my prepared sugar water waiting on my night table. The day-table was out for the day! LOL. I could not sleep anymore after that and just laid there listening the hours bang away on our bang-clock. Finally at 6 am I got up, simply had enough of it. Made a cuppa tea and Johanna joined me. So far so good.

However, my head’s contents were in disagreement with the rest of me and after breakfast, a plate of porridge, told Jo that I had to go lay down, just too tired. She did stay up. For safety sake I always have a bell on my night table in case it would be needed. To this point I never used it. Then things changed.

I couldn’t relax in bed and it felt like something was coming on. It got stronger and stronger and I did grab the bell.
Jo came right away because I would never use the bell unless there was a real reason for it.
First thing she did was test my glucose, in the mean time I went almost unconcious, she shouted you are 1.5. It is not on my translate list but it is 27 US. I could feel myself going way in my head, wondered if I had a heart attack. Jo thought I got a stroke coming on but after the 1.5 she did first things first. Two glasses with water each with 3 spoons sugar which before alway would work, then cornsyrup I kept going off and than heard the alarms of the fire engine and ambulance Jo had called.

Suddenly there were 9 men in my bedroom,not to my knowledge, but I saw later. 4 fireman with oxygen. 5 ambulance men with various equipment. The sugar Jo had given me brought me back a little also with the glucose tubes they were pumping me with. In the mean time the boss man of the ambulance was shown my records of all my tests right up to the AM. He was amazed about them and said he never saw anything like it…and yet? The ambulance people worked hard to get me back which took some time. Many years ago I had a low like that and still don’t know how and what caused this one.

The only thing I can come up with is, because I loved the meat I did eat a lot of meat first with potatoes and vegetables thereafter last night. Since I took my calculated insulin in the Pm maybe the meat stopped the more
carbohydrate food but still why not last night and what happened this morning? Maybe it takes that long to take effect? It is a real puzzle to me and Jo. What If I lived alone? I’m always sooooo careful!

JOHNBEN, still around!


WOW! Scarey as he*l!!! Hope you are feeling much, much better by now. It is good you have a good system in place (especially the bell) and a wise and wonderful wife. I don’t know what any readings other than in the US mean, so I can’t help you there … but, are you going to see your endocrinologist about this soon? Hope so. Well, I have no words of wisdom or knowledge for you other than to stay well.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I am glad you and Jo are still around and hope someone out there has the answer ( could it have been the fat in the meat ??) ; as Lois mentioned it pays off to have a system in place as you and Jo do …and thank goodness for the availability of the 9 men !!! I hope , I get to learn more from your posting and others responding .
Be well Sir …and Lady Jo

Glad your still alive and with us I would go get checked out. Hope its nothing more than to much protien.

I can’t figure it out, but I’m glad your ok, and that you have Lady Jo there with you. Peace to you both…

I am glad you are okay! You are lucky to have such an angel as your wife! Hope you are feeling better.

I had a 27 USA reading or a 1.5 Can. Thank you all for your rep[lies. Very much appreciated. Feeling better today but get very high readings because of all the injected glucose of yesterday. Feeling very tired also, no wonder! This happened to me many years ago, well before the monitors were avaiable.

JOHNBEN or JB when you are in a hurry!