Scary night!

Last night was quite scary for me… my blood sugar at bedtime was 403… I was worried since I realised that this was way high… I’ve never been way up there before. Trying to think what put it up that high… I know people think it could have been because I ate one of my muffins that I cooked yesterday, but I’ve cooked them before and ate them with no effect, so can rule that out.

Meals were healthy as usual, but I guess I could have had a few too many carbs through a little extra bread and a few grapes! However, I don’t want to go there again!

I didn’t go to the hospital or call the doctor, since I wasn’t sure how high it would need to be before you seek help… and I didn’t have any ill effects that I could feel! Not even sleepy, weird that… it was a real surprise when I took the reading, but took it twice just incase it was a mistake.

At breakfast this morning, I was 275, so it went down… still too high though… I see the diabetes educational person today and I don’t think I’m coming away until they sort out these BG levels… had enough of high levels.

Wish me luck! Today will be the day I start the Insulin Therapy… I hope!

Not what I would have said last week… but never want to be in the 400’s ever again.

Yikes! That stuff can be scary. Have you seen an endo or just working with your regular doc? I;m asking because I wonder if you have had an antibody test to determine if you are actually T2 or a misdiagnosed LADA. Most LADA patients are initially misdiagnosed as T2, something to inquire about

Good Luck!

Denise. This is serious. It really does not matter what type you are at this point. Your HbA1c in your profile says 11.6%. You just had a reading over 400. Your health is at risk. Make no bones about it. With blood sugar readings at that level, it is unlikely you can safely get things normalized on your own without some insulin to help. My advice, go see the educator, but they will just give you advice. You need a doctor who will take your situation seriously and not sometime next week, like today. You also need to get some ketostix, get them at any pharmacy, they cost $10 for a vial. Any time you have a blood sugar over 300 mg/dl, you need to test for ketones. If you register ketones, you need to take immediate action and that means the ER. Do get on top of this right away and get your blood sugar levels down. Let us know how it goes.

Denise, Sorry to hear about this!

I think that you already knew this, but it is time for insulin!!! If you wait much longer, you could end up with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and you don’t want that.

Let us know how the visit goes and push to start on some form of insulin even before they figure out what type you are.

Yes, it very important to get treatment for those numbers as soon as possible, however a correct diagnosis is just as important to prevent it from happening again with possibly very serious outcomes

I wish you well, sweetie. Insulin is needed. xo

Hi guys, thanks for the advice and things… I saw the Endo last Thursday… he said he thought I needed to be on Insulin and to look at me he would have said I was a type 1 but wouldn’t commit until the tests were done. However, I saw my new Diabetes education lady today (have seen her once before)… She’s started me on Novolin N. A slow start, just at bedtime for a start. She’s keeping me on all the pills for now, just to see if we can bring the numbers down overnight and in the morning. We’re going to do this to see how I get on for a week and then if I need it she’ll take away one of the pills and add another shot before breakfast in the morning.

I kind of expected her to give me the works after last night’s numbers but she didn’t… she said if I have any problems I must call the practice nurse at any time of night. She said if I start off with the correct numbers in the morning, I’m more likely to keep them good during the day.

We’ll work with it and see… it’s got to be better than what I’ve had I guess… :slight_smile: I told her that I’d work with her whatever was needed to get things under control… so now we experiment and see what happens. xx

That’s great Denise, it sounds like you have a great group of people to work with there

Thanks Scott… it’s kind of like stepping into the uknown for me… but I’ll sort it out, I’m sure… it’s just odd… lol… Thanks for your advice and support… :slight_smile:

Way to go! I’ll feel better sleeping tonight knowing you are on top of things.

Thanks bsc. x

Glad to hear the news, Denise. Things will get easier and better. :slight_smile:

How did the first injection go? I know that it can be very emotional, but you are stepping towards health :slight_smile:

Hi Kristin, Haven’t done it yet… I chose to do it around 10.30 California time… I usually go to sleep around 11 ish… and she said to inject around an hour to half hour before I go to sleep, so that’s the time… Not looking forward to doing it… but I will. I’ve never been one to back out of situations, always faced them head on even the unpleasant ones…lol. I’ll let you know when the deed is done…:slight_smile:

You will soon feel an injection is like brushing your teeth.

But in the first week, it took me about 15 minutes to emotionally prepare myself for giving the shot. No need for that, but somehow that was what I went through.

Just take a deep breath, smile, poke yourself, and say "I just became healthier :slight_smile: " (OK not sure it’s that simple! Let us know how it goes)