A1c(13% becomes 7,1%in one month!) + no pump for me

for the ones who red my first blog
they know that i thought it was 8,5 after a month of takinfg insulin

actually, it isn’t my first

i called the educater and she told me that they have already maid the first one when i was diagnosed


i asked her how much was it???
imagine < after a 4 months of symptoms and first being diagnosed my A1c is 13%!!!

i mean… a complete whole big 13!!!
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig shock

so tht means"

1-first being daignosed and four months of syptoms


2-after amonth of being diagnosed and alot of hypos


3-today(after two months of being diagnosed


today my endo said that being on a pump is like commiting a suicial!!!

because iam in a honey moon period!!
for those who does not know what it means"
in short,even though i am T1D,in some cases the cells in the pancereas (comes back to life a little)!!
and work again 0 it does’nt mean that i am cured- maybe for weeks or months in some cases
and because of the lows i cant get a pump now!!

so sad, she said that i have to wait and being on a pump isnt just ataching a machine, that its taking the responsibility!

i think i have to wait!!!

it’s okay, the wait will be worth it

most insurance companies will not approve or pay for a pump during the honeymoon period due to the lows and instability of blood sugars. Once you become stable and the endo feels you are ready for the commitment they will help you obtain one :slight_smile: I will assure you, it will be well worth it to wait.

Congratulations on the great A1c !!!

thanks …
check your pages for notes

Hey, it’s okay, my wait was worth it. I was diagnosed back in 03, and wasn’t accepted for a pump until '05. I see a lot of newly diagnosed on pumps, and I must admit I am a little jealous. After having so many shots a day for about 2 years, it just seemed unfair to me. But I’m glad that I waited, being on shots was hard, and the pump is easier when it comes to that, yes, but it helped me mature with having the disease and come to understand it better. Being on a pump is a very big responsibility, as is shots of course, but wit ha pump comes basal rates, bolus factors, “did I bolus for that last meal?”, “should I change my infusion site or let it sit?”, and much more. Don’t let it discourage you, I remember being told to wait by my Endo in my first year. Then I didn’t see the reason for her telling me so, but now I do. It was in my best interest, as most reasoning behind doctors saying so should be.