A1C 14.1 to 5.9 in 4 Months

By making a lot of changes to my diet I was able to drop my A1C from 14.1 to 5.9 in about 4 months. My fasting blood sugar went from 366 to almost normal readings in less than 2 months. This is how I control my blood sugar. I just spent several hours updating it. This is my story.

I was Diagnosed Type 2 on 26 Feb. 2009. My fasting blood sugar was 366, A1C was 14.1, cholesterol was 300. Blood Pressure 145/95. The doctors put me on 500mg Metformin twice a day, 10mg Lisinopril, 40mg Simvastatin and 81mg Aspirin once a day.

On March 1st 2009 I purchased a meter and started testing before and two hours after each meal.

I stopped eating sugar, using salt, drinking coffee, soda, beer and wine right away. I started eating salads, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, pickles, sauerkraut and homemade coleslaw. Lots of coleslaw.

I also started to drink at least 8 cups of water per day. I drink about 2 ½ cups while driving to work, 2 ½ cups at lunch and 2 ½ cups on the way home.

Over the next several weeks I stopped eating bread, crackers, noodles and anything that contained any kind of grains. No flour at all. I check the labels on everything I buy and will not purchase any product with more than 5 or 6 net carbs per serving with the exception of chana dal.

When I wake up in the morning I test my blood sugar and drink a low carb protein powder drink mix. I used to use homemade soymilk to mix with the protein powder. I now use homemade almond or walnut milk. The nut milks are a lot easier to make.

I eat 1oz of sunflower seeds for a mid morning snack along with the sugar free Equate Fiber Therapy supplement. Lately have been drinking a cup of coffee at this time. Used to drink tea.

Recently I found that my blood sugar spikes at different times for different meals. A few weeks ago I tested about 20 minutes after eating lunch and my blood sugar reading was 175. I was a bit surprised. I haven’t had blood sugar readings that high in a long time unless I did something I shouldn’t have done. Well I found that I peak about 45-50 minutes after drinking my protein drink in the morning and peak about 25 minutes after eating lunch and about 1 to 1.25 hours after eating dinner. I have been doing a lot of testing lately and will have to decide pretty soon when I’m going to be testing my blood sugar.

For lunch I now eat a hard-boiled egg. 2 ounces of chicken breast or beef. Then will eat my ground turkey sloppy joe with about 20 grams of salsa, hot sauce and cheese. I now mix my low carb vegetables (mostly broccoli and cauliflower) with my chana dal topped with hot sauce and cheese. When I remember I add a few teaspoons of ground flaxseeds. I then will eat a small piece of chocolate soy cake. Last I will eat 1 oz of peanuts. I then take 1000mg vitamin C, 4000iu’s vitamin D, 1 B-Complex, 1 Multi Vitamin for adults over 50, 200mg CoQ10 and 3000mg Fish Oil concentrate.

For supper I eat 3 oz’s of salad. I use a low carb dressing and add about 2-3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar. I now make my own pasta out of soy flour. It doesn’t taste too good but when you top it with ¼-½ cup no sugar added pasta sauce along with some hot sauce and graded cheese it doesn’t taste to bad. For desert I eat my homemade Greek yogurt ice cream. I think it tastes pretty good. Last week I bought some low carb hot dogs and have been eating a Chile dog for the last few days. I usually will drink what I call chocolate water. I mix 2-3 tablespoons of nut milk with 1 tablespoon of sugar free chocolate syrup and add 10 oz of Seltzer Water topped with some low carb whipped cream. I think it taste good. It tastes better with heavy cream but I found the cream has a lot of saturated fat and will raise my cholesterol.

In the evening I now will drink a few Low carb beers or a little wine before going to bed. I have found that I can eat a little more carbs when drinking alcohol than with out it. I will eat 1-2 serving of almonds. Lately have been eating lumpia. Either cheese or pork lumpia. Sometimes will eat a serving of soy crisps with French onion dip. I try and not to eat too much at night. My morning blood sugar will be in the 90’s if I eat too much before going to bed.

When eating out I find myself eating chicken, beef and broccoli a lot. Chicken wings I seem to eat most of the time when we want something fast. They also come with celery and blue cheese.

On the weekends and days I don’t work I pretty much eat the same except my mid morning snack, I will eat some turkey bacon, fried egg, soy pancake with sugar free jam and 2 cups of coffee.

My morning blood sugar slowly dropped from the 200-300 range, to an average of about 85. After about seven weeks of taking the meds I couldn’t tolerate the side effects any more and quit taking them. My blood sugar continued to drop week after week, my blood pressure has averaged around 110/70 and my cholesterol has remained below 200 since I stopped taking the meds. My A1C dropped to 5.9 in four months and seven months after being diagnosed it was 5.6. The last few tests my A1C was 5.4 last January, 5.8 last April and 5.2 on 9/13/2010.



I would think there would be more people in this group. Out of the thousands, who are members here, there are only 11 members in this group. I don’t even think that all the members here have A1C’s fewer than 6.

I feel kind of guilty because I didn’t have a hard time doing it. When first diagnosed I spent some time researching David Mendosa and signed up for e-mails from Julia Hanf. I never did buy her supplements but the information she sends in her e-mails helped me a lot to get my blood sugar under control.

I was lucky because everything I tried worked for me. It only took a few weeks for my blood sugar to drop a lot and I was even able to get ride of the meds after a short period of time.

I noticed your A1C of 4.9. It was a dream I had to get mine under 5.0. I gave up on it some time ago. No matter what I did or how hard I try I can’t get it that low so I gave up. Now I’m not to sure. I recently found out I was spiking at different times for different meals and have taken steps to stop the spiking. Maybe I will be able to do it now that I know what I was doing wrong.

I read your other discussion about the holidays and have found that there are usually enough low carb foods that I have no problem eating. I always bring my own desert. My sister and mom like my low carb pumpkin cake made out of soy, flaxseed and fenugreek seeds. Everyone likes my low carb pumpkin pie. I use soy flour for the crust and use splenda for the sugar and I think it tastes as good as the real thing. So the holidays have been no problem with blood sugar control.

I see no reason why you can’t keep your A1C at such great levels. If you keep doing what you’re doing to get 4.9 I believe you can keep it there for life. I don’t believe that all diabetes are going to end up on insulin one day. I believe if you can control this, you should be able to do it for a long time to come. I read discussions on Dlife from people who have been controlling with great blood sugar numbers, some for more than 10 years and still doing great. I believe it can be done and am determined to try it myself. If not I figure to go on insulin if and when the time comes. No more oral meds for me. I’m done with that.


Wow! Well done!
I shall keep in mind a few tips you wrote here.
Thank you for sharing.

You are doing excellent. Do you have to take any medications also?

No meds since April 2009. Diet only

Good stuff! I have worked with a few people who have the knowledge that you just posted, but could not seem to make the decision to turn their life around. What advice would you have for making that decision?

BTW alcohol consumes your liver which releases sugar into the bloodstream so that is why your sugar doesn’t spike. For some people it will spike 12 hours after alcohol consumption, but it varies in different people.

When diagnosed I wasn’t crazy about taking the meds. I asked the doctor about diet and exercise and he said he didn’t think it was possible to control with diet and exercise. I only agreed to the meds because he said I was doing a lot of damage to my system. Had to protect my kidneys.

I also didn’t know what to eat. So I added a salad and broccoli. Stopped eating sugar and anything that contained sugar. After I bought a meter and reading about high carb starchy foods and how they affect blood sugar, I slowly starting cutting back on most foods that contained more than 5-6 net carbs per serving. Eventually had to give up most of the foods with more than 5-6 net carbs per serving.

I guess what motivated me the most to follow my new way of life was the determination to be able to get ride of the meds and testing before and after eating. By testing I was able to see how high my blood sugar was and how much it spiked after eating. Seeing 300 something on the meter knowing that it was causing a lot of damage to my body, I figured I had no choice but to get this under control. I was also very scared. Fear is a great motivator.

As far as the alcohol, I have a few low carb beers whiling watching TV. Usually between 8 and 10pm. I haven’t noticed any spikes after drinking. Mornings are the worst time of day for my blood sugar. Always has been even when I was taking the Metformin. With A1C’s consistently below 6.0 I’m not going to worry about it.

On 3/13/11 I tested my A1C and it was 5.9. The highest it’s been in some time. My blood sugar has been higher than normal lately. I knew it was going to go up. But seeing the 5.9 got me back in the panic mode and I started testing 6-8 times a day again. Also started to drink my fenugreek seed tea after lunch and went back to drinking a couple tablespoons of red wine vinegar with my supper. Monday I bought a bag of broccoli and started eating my broccoli again and yesterday and today my numbers seem to be coming down. This morning my fasting first thing this morning was 81. Haven’t seen an 81 in a couple of months. Yesterday before dinner it was 84 and today a 79. One hour after supper today it read 99. Before lunch I read 90. Better than what they have been in some time. Still got a ways to go to get them down to where I like them.


No reason to be sorry. Respond whenever you want.

5.1 is still very good. Great even. I wish I could get my blood sugar that low. I really don’t work too hard at it. I figure as long as it stays below 6, I’m happy. Figure there to be a time coming when I get a 6 or higher. Then I will say, as long as it stays below 6.5 I’m happy. When I read the book Diabetes for Dummies the pocket edition the author recommends taking action (meds) if it gets above 7. Then I may have to think about using insulin. Don’t want to take orals any more. Couldn’t tolerate them before and don’t ever want to use them again.

I don’t exercise much. When I work I have to walk from the parking lot to my classroom. It takes about 10 minutes. I get another 10 minutes when the day is over. 20 minutes total. I find when on vacation me and the wife, walk a lot. Walking seems to be good for my blood sugar.

I have been drinking fenugreek tea for about a year now. I bought it 2 years ago. Used to grind it and use it like flaxseeds. Now I grind it and make tea out of it. I think it helps with my blood sugar. I add the leftover seeds to my soy flour cakes I make. I have used the soy flour to make carrot, chocolate and pumpkin bread cakes. I like them and they don’t spike my blood sugar. I also use splenda. I find if a recipe calls for 1 cup I use ¾ cup and it works great. I find by using less splenda than what the recipe calls for using sugar, I don’t get the funny taste I used to get when I replaced it 100%.

Hoping your having a wonderful day

I applaud you. At least you will not have the devastating complications that go with the disease. On another note, if you like pasta- try the Dreamsfield brand. Go to www.dreamsfield.com - It is real past with 5 grams of net carbs per serving and it has a great taste. Let me know what you think of it.



i was diagnosed two months ago and had an A1C of 9.9 and 240 plus sugar. Used insulin shots twice a day and then was put on metformin…i was told last night, no more meds…BS between 91 and 139…I am using a very similar eating lifestyle as you, except i work out with weights and find myself eating huge amounts of veggies and salad…can you list some additional healthy snacks to eat or what you believe is the best to fill up on? thanks

My favorite snack is peanut butter I grind myself from roasted, unsalted peanuts and nothing else. I put it on celery. A couple of days ago I ran across a recipe online for a muffin you make in the microwave in a coffee cup. I was very surprised how good it is, it’s something (unlike scrambled eggs) that I can throw in my purse, and it really fills me up. Here is the recipe:

Put 1 tsp olive oil in a microwaveable coffee cup and swirl it around. Add 1 egg and mix. Then add 1/4 cup ground flaxseed meal, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and a few chopped nuts. Mix it all up, pop it in the microwave for 1 minute.

The recipe I saw said you could use 2 tsp of artificial sweetener. I don’t do that, don’t like it. I like to add a tsp of lemon juice.

The flaxseed meal is 6 grams of carb and 6 grams of fiber. The egg has about 1 gram of carb I think. Anyway, this muffin does not raise my blood sugar at all, and like I said it’s very filling. I was also pleased to learn that it pops right out of the coffee cup, you don’t have to dig it out in pieces, so I have a proper muffin-shaped object to smear butter or cream cheese on.

I haven't visited this site for a while and only realized today this group exists. It's great to see. I have been diagnosed for almost two years. My BG is in the high 80's and 90's with diet and exercise alone also. I eat very similarly to what you have described.

Despite low BG and never having an A1C above 5.5, I do have peripheral neuropathy and have to take medication for that. I learned that some people develop neuropathy before they develop diabetes. So much for taking comfort in frequent testing and low readings.

I'm glad to see all of you here. Hopefully there will be more.

Congratulations! That’s incredible! I also focus on a healthy diet and exercize and was able to get off meds yet so far I’ve only gotten down to 6.1 – sure hope I’m still welcome here!

Nine months ago, my A1C was 11.4; my blood glucose 350. Five months ago my a1c was 5.4; at home Bayer A1C tests since have read 5.1 and 5.0. After the August 2012 in office test, my Dr. decided I didn't need meds. I actually was having a lot of difficulty with the metformin regular, even though it never was increased beyond 500 mgs, and the manufacturer states that 1500 is the minimum effective dosage. So I quit the metformin and kept my bg's down without it, although last month, I went back and asked for a metformin 500 extended release RX. If I do stray from what I consider acceptable numbers FBG< 110, I take one or two and bring it back into line. so far, I am noth getting the horrible side effects that I had from the met regular.The problem is that I like to eat, and keeping my bgs down means pretty draconian dieting.

Their website has been sold. I presume they are now out of business. What were the ingredients in their pasta? I can't think of any way to make a low-carb pasta or bread that would taste any good.

Is there any early blood or urine test for neuropathy? The only neurological tests I know about reveal the problem too late for prevention, assuming that a low-carb diet would prevent the neuropathy as well as the diabetes.

I don't know of a test for neuropathy, but it is possible to notice that you are feeling numbness and pain in your extremities.

There are tests for retinopathy, which can be a warning sign that you are having complications and will alert you to other problems like nephropathy.

A few words of caution: Lowering Blood Glucose levels too rapidly can increase retinopathy, so don't do it too rapidly if you have retinopathy already. Also, complications seem to result from length of elevated blood glucose levels as well as how high those levels are. Also, some people seem to have an onboard resistance to complications, while others do not.

Thanks. Another caution is that neuropathy, once it occurs, can be permanent (there are also reports of mild neuropathy reversing in some situations). Waiting for neuropathy to appear is very bad medicine. Preventing it is what humanity needs. It seems we're not quite there yet, although getting on a low-carb, high protein and fat diet on the first indication of a high A1C or BG reading after ingesting a high-carb bolus is probably an excellent preventive measure in general.

For years, my toes have been numb and sometimes there are sharp pains in the big toes. This is mild neuropathy, and I find the symptoms get worse after long walks or running. I also find that the symptoms get milder after returning to a very low carb diet.

But this case of neuropathy happening before diabetes is even detected is worrying in general. Medical science needs a test for incipient neuropathy, even where diabetes cannot be detected! I hope a doctor reads this and acts on it.

Preventive measures are unpopular. We need a simple test, so neuropathy can be detected early, before damage to the eyes or feet actually happens.