Just had my latest blood test

I was diagnosed with diabetes back in May of this year. I had BS of 267 and A1c of 11. Since then, I went onto a very low carb diet, 15 grams or less. In less than 10 days, my BS went down to between 90 and 115. I have since gone mostly off the pills and my latest blood test shows my A1C is now 5.7!!! My doctor is just amazed. He said that he has never seen a type 2 improve things as fast as I did. It can be done!

Bravo Steve! I am getting similar results going on the Bernstein diet of less than 30g of carbs per day. It does work! My average reading after almost 100 readings is 115 so I am looking at an A1C of about 5.6%.

Way to turn things around and stick with this! This is a life-long change, not just for the current and near future. I have to remind myself of this because it is tempting to think that since I was so quickly able to turn things around, I can cheat and be less stringent with my diet. :slight_smile:


Cogratulations to you & to Daniel, too! Fantastic!

Hope more doctors see results like yours & start having higher expectations of what’s possible. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop pushing ADA higher carb diets.

Pretty good work there Steve! Im also striving hard to achieve a goal as such. I also started off with A1C of 9 and BG of 350. My last A1C was 5.9 and BG of 90 to 115. I did not totally irradicated carbs (rice eater here =)) but simply reduced it. However, I engaged myself to a routine exercise regime…at least 5 times a week. I just had my test done yesterday and hope fully (everything crossed here) numbers will improve… I will be happy even if it is just a bit.
Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

My A1C was only 6.5 but my blood sugar was over 200 after eating. I dropped my A1C to 5.3 and no more blood sugar spikes by going on a very low carb diet. My doctor was also amazed. The books I used as guides were Blood Sugar 101 and Diabetes Solution.

If only our doctors recommended a low carb diet instead of the high carb ADA diet.

Great job. That is some serious change. I am sure it is blatantly obvious to you how carbs affect your blood sugar. You now know that you can use diet to control your blood sugar. The challenge will be figuring out how to do this in the long-term. I’ve followed very low carb diets for years, and over time you get better at it. I cook and prepared much of my own food. Let us know how it goes over time.

Again, congratulations. That is outstanding progress.

Well done Steve! Keep up the healthy lifestyle!

I just changed over the summer from a WW program to counting carbs. This has nothing to do with the topic listed, just my own confusion on carbs and numbers. I am allowed 150 - 175 carbs a day ----- 45 at meals and 15 each for three snacks.
But I read, as I did in Steve’s post, that he eats 15 grams or less a day…am I missing something about counting carbs? Or are we talking apples and oranges type thing here? I have lost another 10 lbs s-l-o-w-l-y and my numbers have improved greatly…so I am happy. But what’s the difference in the number of carbs or is it another way of counting them?

What I did was went to a radically low carb diet. I dropped my BS to normal ranges in less than 10 days.

Everyone, …Thank you. I learned of this method by a fellow who is a friend and he is on here from time to time. William Michael Kemp. He has been diabetic over 50 years and he has worked with diabetics of both kinds. All I can say is it works! I just do not eat any carbs except that which might occur naturally such as complex carbs in nuts, some low glycemic fruits and veggies.


You’ve got it right. Carbs are carbs:) 15 carbs per day is what Steve eats. I follow Dr. Bernstein’s recommendation & eat between 30-35 a day. Many people do better not following the ADA guidelines of 45-60 carbs per meals & 15 carb snacks.