a1c 6.4!

This week I went to the endo for the first time since getting my pump. Every time I’ve gone to the endo since being diagnosed as type one in 2004, my A1C has been over seven. This time, 6.4 baby! Yessss! I was so excited I wanted to cry lol So proud. And it feels wonderful to feel in control.

That's it. Just wanted to share with some people who understand what I'm talking about :)

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Well done thats great news.

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Thank you so much! :smiley:


Way to go! Makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Way to go!

I go next week for my first pumping A1C, I’m not expecting too much as it will only have been 3 weeks, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the one after that.

Sometimes I think that achieving an on-target A1C should be greeted at the doc’s office like birthdays at chain restaurants–the entire wait staff surrounds the table, singing and clapping, sometimes wearing goofy hats.

In fact, I often wish I got the same celebration when my A1C is above target. Because usually the effort was just as strong; just different results!

Congratuations on your hard work and effort. Nice number!


Good luck!

lol Kelly I totally agree. I was sitting there thinking, “Don’t I get like a lollipop or something?” :slight_smile: My endo is a pretty cool guy. He was complimenting me the whole time on how I was doing with my numbers and I just wanted to jump up and down!