a1c help!

have you gotten a lower A1C in 3 months time,how much of a drop have you gotten at a time??? what will it take to drop it a good deal??? did you have to have a lot of lows??

I was having a lot of lows and my A1C was 6.7, so the last 5 months I changed my basals with fasting help, changed my target number from 100 to 120 and also changed my carb ratios, so you would think my A1C would go up because I was not being as tight with my target number, but…last one 6.5. Ooooooo plus I have had big time stress for the last 7 months go figure.

My largest drop was 1.3 points during 3 months. But that’s with A LOT of bg testing to do it safely and to limit wide fluctuations.

This Spring to summer,I went from 9.0 to 7.2 in 3 months…but that was because I of four major reasons
1. Job stress was significantly lowered ( on vacation from the public schools);
2. Dietary changes: changed my carb intake; upped my fiber , reduced simple sugars, no products with high fructose corn syrup, increased green vegetables;( like eating spinach and eggs for breakfast)
3. Stopped doing the weird treatment stuff and did the best practice I could muster: No more blind overbolusses when I FEEL high. I increased testing TEST-TEST-TEST. I just slightly upped my basals to compensate for dawn phenomenon,. And what I think was most important… It was the summertime and
4. I EXERCISED more!!! Now, I did not get rid of all the wide fluctuations, but I did not have more lows. The lows I had were not as severe, though. For me, it had become pretty standard to have a low in the 40’s to low 50’s every day. The number of lows stayed the same, but they were in the high 50’s, low 60’s: I do not have hypo-unawareness and can self treat
BTW, I just finished my first 6-weeks run with a MM CGMS mixed feelings about that loud, intrusive, sometimes inaccurate, sometimes grateful- it -is- on- the- money to stop a high thing. We will see if it has helped to lower the 7.1…

God Bless,

Good work, Brunetta! Congrats on all that hard work paying off with a lovely looking 7.2 and slightly less-low lows!

My last drop was from 7.2 to 6.5 and I do not recall doing anything different or having different BC readings…I think it may just be false lab work.

Prior to my insulin pump my A1C was 9.1. Three months later I was 6.5 then 3 months after that 6.0, then 3 months later 5.9 then 3 months later currently 5.7.

I believe the only thing I did differently was getting on the pump which made it easier for me to keep track of my sugars.

I don’t recall my largest drop…but I am currently working at getting it back down to mid 6s WITHOUT the drastic swings I’ve had in the past. I do recall an A1c many years ago in the 10s. Now it hovers between 6 & low 7.

I have started with a new endo and we are in the process of testing basals now. It is taking time but I can already notice a difference. My A1c is higher than what we want and surprisingly we have needed to lower all the basal rates. I’ve always said I can prevent many of my highs by preventing most of the lows. That is proving true.

Good luck to you. How big of a drop are you hoping for and what changes have you made so far? (I’m so grateful that there is a place like TuDiabetes to share and learn with others!!?

+1 on this - changed jobs, I had less stress, ate better and exercised more went from 8 to low 7 and now down to mid 6’s

I started pumping Jan. of last year. I was 6.5 then 3 months ago I was 7.1. So, my A1C has gone up, but I’m having SO much less lows. I have hypo unawareness and my hubby would come home to me sprawled out a few times a week. Now it’s just a few times a month. I just took another A1C but haven’t gotten the results yet. My point I was trying to make is that I think my lows canceled out my highs. A1C don’t say it all, cuz I believe my control is better. I’m still trying to adjust cuz I would like a lower A1C.