My Best A1C Yet!

I just had my 4-6 month checkup and my A1C is good! I was at an 8.5 and now i’m at a 6.9 within 5 months! :slight_smile: My cholesterol and everything else is great as told to me by my doctor. He said I am now one of his best patients! I’m so excited because this is the lowest that i’ve had my A1C since i’ve been diagnosed! Thought I would share the news with fellow diabetics that understand the struggle!

Congratulations - that’s a great improvement. Keep up the good work!


That’s awesome! Great job!!

Congratulations on the great job!

Well done! How did you do it?


Good Job! I understand how it felt to have the best A1C. Keep it up ;).

Congratulations, Brea…major accomplishment! Do something special this weekend to celebrate!


Brea …indeed we understand …and we keep on struggling …seeing good numbers is empowering …thanks kiddo !

Great job!!! And, yep, we all know that took a ton of work!! You must be feeling much better. What do you notice the most? More energy, etc.

Good job Brea!! Now you KNOW you can do it, so keep up the good work. Or as we chimpanzees say, w00t, w00t!!

Great work Brea…and I’m sure there was a lot of that done in order to get a result like that!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Super! You’ve done a great job…

FABulous! That’s a huge improvement in such a short time Brea. Any tips for us? That A1C can be pretty pesky.

Excellent, excellent work! I am so very pleased for you. You did it!

Ever notice the sweeter the person is, the higher the A1C gets? he he


But don’t focus on A1c alone; VARIABILITY counts too.

If you’ve done it without provoking a lot of Hypos … That’s a HUGE drop in the proportion of “frosted flakes” cruising around in your blood. FANTASTIC! :))

Fabulous drop!! It is so difficult to get a good a1c. Hold your head high and be proud.

I started in March, I dropped from 7.9 to 7.1. I would like to get below 7. What is a particular thing you think you are doing right?