A1c of 8, hypnosis and a new attitude

I posted a month ago that I was going to be hypnotized by a clinical hypnotherapist to help me with my diabetes and anxiety.mwell it finally happeneded yesterday and although it’s not overnight, I do feel that it’s helping and pointing me in the right direction.my blood sugar this morning was 96. Afternoon sugar was 137 and at dinner it was 99! For me those are spectacular numbers and all. It took was paying a little extra attention! Iknow I can do it. I can do it and I will!

This is miracle. BY the way u r T1 or T2?

How do you make sense of this change? What are you now doing after the session that you were not doing before it? What is the basic premise of this approach?

awesome sometimes simple awareness and acceptance are everything, you answered this yourself with a little help maybe from your therapist ..pay attention, stop, breath, wow, everything really is ok! good for you! I hope your new attitude keeps good karma coming! best wishes, amy

I am type 1. The main thing that he did was made me commit out loud to commit to good health. Not to TRY for good health but to commit to it. I have to really try and it’s hard. I also told him that I want to stop eating sugar. So he asked what my favorite candy, or problem candies, were. I told him jelly beans and fruit slices and some other candies. He told me to put the candies on a grid. Then he told me to imagine a rotting rat with maggots! He told me to imagine putting the candies towards my mouth and it turning into the rotting rat! It’s actually working but it’s work still! It was very intense and it was a two hour session with a lot more techniques. To much to write about but I thought the rat one was funny! But the committing out loud to myself was important too